How to Decorate a Wedding Car Using These Items

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Everything should look beautiful and decorative on the wedding day. Whether it is your home, wedding palace, arch, or a car. Mostly we use flowers, ribbon, welcome sign, poster, basket, and more for decoration. The wedding car can also leave an impression if you decorate it beautifully. There are many ways to decorate it. So if you are looking for wedding car decoration ideas, you can use the following items to decorate a luxury wedding car.

Top Things That Used to Decorate a Wedding Car


The first thing is everybody loves and uses to decorate a wedding car is; natural and artificial flowers, such as roses,  daisies, orchids, ranunculus, peony, calla lily, daisy, succulent, Anemones, carnation, hydrangeas, etc. to enhance the elegance and beauty of the cars. It may little expensive but your car will look elegant and royal.


It is another most used and liked item to decorate a wedding car. It is a budget car decoration idea too. There are a few variants in the ribbon which are ideal choices such as satin ribbon, grosgrain, lace, burlap, velvet, wired, paper, and curling ribbon. You may use it according to your wedding theme or the color of the car.


You can also use pink, red, white, or any other colors balloons along with ribbons for wedding car decoration. Ballons will also not break your bank balance. It is recommended that always place the balloons on the roof, the front or back seat of a car. Avoid placing on heating or sharp surfaces.


If you do not have a good budget and want to give something simple, sober, and tasteful look to your wedding car, then use an oversized net bow with a flower bouquet on a car bonnet or back. It is also an inexpensive wedding car decoration idea.


It is the best idea for night marriages. You can use small and colorful LED lights to decor the wedding car. But only a professional can place and decorate your wedding car with lights.


Yes, you can include the bride and groom name in the wedding car decoration. There are many way to write the name such as plain paper, flowers, heart shape, sign board, stickers, ribbon or personalize item for it.

So these are some most used things to decorate a wedding car. Hire the right car for a wedding with a beautiful decoration theme from wedding cars Adelaide or near to you. Some most used wedding cars are vintage/classic, limousine, modern, sports, hummer,  hot rod, Mercedes, rolls-royce, phantom, Porsche, and more.

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