Guide How Choose Ice Skates

Your Buying Guide on How to Choose Ice Skates

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Guide How Choose Ice Skates

The ideal pair of skates is not the one that lasts long but the one that offers you a high level of performance. With many selections available and many factors to consider, picking the perfect pair of ice skates can be challenging.

Buying ice skates is not the same as buying your regular shoes. You will find many things to consider, such as your shoe size, depth of your eel, forefoot width, and the overall volume of the skates. All of these play an important role while choosing the ideal pair.

This post will help you narrow down all the vital features you should keep in mind when picking the right pair of ice skates.


Identify why you are buying your ice skate. Are you buying one for figure skating, ice skating, or playing ice hockey? Every type of skate has unique features that are needed for a specific sport.

For instance, figure skates are created to enable a wide array of motion such as turning, stretching, spinning, gliding, or jumping. Meanwhile, hockey skates are designed with a curved blade to help an athlete increase their speed.

Skill and Experience Level

The experience level you have in the sport is essential when choosing the ice skates that fit you best. So, it will help if you consider it as well.

For instance, younger and beginner players who want to play ice hockey should buy mid-range skates instead of high-range skates. Those advanced ice hockey skates are created for advanced hockey players.

. Are you slacked or defensive? Are you an attacker or goalie? Before buying one, always do your research first, especially if you’re a total beginner in the sport.

Size, Weight & Build

Your size, weight, and build are crucial elements that influence how fit the ice skates are to you. The heavier you are, the broader and stiffer skates you would need for strength and support.


Ice skates are mainly designed with steel, plastic, nylon, leather, and other synthetic materials. Kangaroo leather is the most typical material used for figure ice skating. Meanwhile, molded plastic and knit nylon are used for speed skates and hockey. The blades are made with toughened steel and covered with chrome.


Of course, your budget will dictate the type of ice skates you will purchase. For a beginner ice skater, you can always go for a cheaper option, while an advanced player should consider the higher-end options.

Remember that buying the ones that fit your size, offer support and stability is always more important.

Should You Consider Renting?

It might seem useless to rent a pair of ice skates, but renting is the ideal option for you, especially if you’re not ready to spend that much or like to give ice skating a try. This option would be your best bet and is very typical for recreational purposes.

Renting ice skates are often ideal for casual skating only. It’s an excellent way to feel and experience ice skating without spending a considerable amount of money. Renting will also help you realize whether skating is something you’d want to consider seriously.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your reason for buying ice skates, make sure you pick one that fits your feet well to help you achieve the best performance. Buying the wrong pair can make your feet sore and give you blisters after use.

We hope the above tips will help you choose the perfect pair of ice skates and make your skating experience more enjoyable! If you’re looking for a buyer’s guide on the best ice skates.



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