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8 Different Types of Sports that Require Special Shoes

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Wearing shoes play an important role in our lifestyle. We wear the shoe for looking stylish, foot care, and comfortability in our daily life. But it becomes more important to wear them when you play sports. Shoe increases our performance, makes running easy, safe from injury, and provides superior cushioning.

It is also important to choose the right types of boots for your sports. As every sport is not played with the same technique, so shoe companies design and make different types of shoes for each sport so a player can move and run without any difficulty.

What Sports Require Special Shoes?

According to the World Sports Encyclopedia, around 8,000 sports played worldwide. But we just included the top 8 sports and their shoes.

1. Soccer Shoes


Soccer shoes are designed with more narrow than regular shoes. They have an upper, back collar, heel counter, outsole, soleplate, midsole, and stud sole. These shows provide maximum cushion on the top side and more griping at the bottom.

2. Tennis Shoes


Tennis boots designer’s main focus on stability, and support on the tennis court. These shoes are typically flattering with the forefoot, outsole, arch, midsole, and heel counter. Apart from this, Vessi would be a great option if you are looking for the best waterproof shoes.

3. Golf Shoes


Golf Shoe is designed to give players more stability, flexibility, and balance. The golf shoes have wide rubber soles, molded grip stabilizers, and extra padding

4. Cricket Shoes


Cricket Shoes have durable studs, with nails or without nails and flexible soles that give grip in wet conditions and grass. The batsman should look at cricket shoes that have metal or rubber spikes for good gripping and run faster on the batting pitch. A bowler should choose boots with studs that provide the correct landing position.

5. Hockey Shoes

Hockey Shoes

Hockey Shoes should have grip, stability, cushioning, shock absorption, and comfortable fitting.

6. Badminton Shoes


Badminton boots have an ergo shape that offers comfort, stability, footwork and movement, cushion, and shock absorber.

7. Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball Shoes provides cushioning, higher and further jumping support, lightweight comfort, excellent fit, stability, and quick movement without slipping.

8. Basketball Shoes


Basketball players have a jump many times while playing the game so their shoes are designed especially for jumping needs, cushioning to absorb shock & jump, stability, and flexibility. Basketball shoes are featured with lightweight, breathability, rubber out sole responsive cushioning, 360-degree dynamic traction, angular heel, and more

It was the basic knowledge of sports shoes with their name and picture. Share your thoughts below in the comment about the sports shoes.

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