Guide to Choosing The Best Neighborhood for your Family in Buffalo, NY

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choose-neighborhoodBuffalo, NY used to be a flourishing center of manufacturing and trade, housing more millionaires than anywhere else in the area. Nowadays, it is known as the city of good neighbors. Why do you ask? There are many different ethnic groups, cultural events, amazing restaurants, and other wonderful things to do and see in this lovely city. Naturally, it is not very easy to pinpoint which part of Buffalo is best when there are so many great things that make up this town. If you struggle with choosing the best neighborhood for your family in Buffalo, NY, you have come to the right place!

The first step in your search for the perfect Buffalo NY neighborhood for your family is to inform yourself and then pinpoint which neighborhoods suit your budget and your lifestyle. Luckily, Buffalo has been consistently high on lists that rank US city’s infrastructure and quality of life. When you add to this the fact that it is one of the least expensive cities to live in the country, whichever neighborhood you choose in the end probably won’t be a mistake.

There are many nice residential neighborhoods for families in Buffalo, NY>
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You should be choosing the best neighborhood for your family in Buffalo NY according to your personal preferences

While you are daydreaming about the important things you will need when you move into your first apartment in Buffalo NY, try to picture what kind of neighborhood you would like to live in. This lovely city on Lake Erie has 32 neighborhoods, all of which have a completely unique vibe. Depending on your lifestyle and needs, each neighborhood will have something special to offer to you and your family. 

In order to be able to think about this, we suggest you read on to get familiar with the way of living in some of the major residential neighborhoods in Buffalo. Once you figure out which area suits you best, you can start thinking about matters such as relocating and transforming your home when you move in.

Elmwood Village

Elmwood Village is known by the locals as the ‘most walkable neighborhood’ in Buffalo NY. Apart from this, it is considered to be one of the most enjoyable neighborhoods for living in, which comes as a result of having a planned, pedestrian-friendly infrastructural design. This is a perfect neighborhood for those who like not only to be surrounded by residential buildings, but also a variety of amenities such as cafes, farmer’s markets, and local restaurants and businesses. One thing is for sure – you will have loads of fun exploring all that Elmwood Village has to offer.

However, it is not only dining and shopping that you are able to do in Elmwood Village. There is also a lot of cultures that you can enjoy at all times since Elmwood Village is the unofficial cultural hub of Buffalo NY.

Allentown is known as the most LGBT friendly neighborhood in Buffalo NY

As the title states, Allentown is renowned as one of the most gay-friendly neighborhoods not only in this city but in the entire country! Residents of Allentown are a chic and diverse bunch, including not only a very lively gay community but also a lot of artists – you can find a lot of theaters, clubs, and cafes in this neighborhood.

Allentown is a welcoming place that celebrates creativity and diversity.

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It is not surprising then that there is always something exciting going on in Allentown. Some of the spots we recommend for those who would like to get a taste of Buffalo’s eclectic vibe are nightclubs, bars, and lounges such as Dreamland, Nietzsche, Funky Monkey, and Club Marcella.

Essentially, Allentown is unique because its cultural scene is genuinely bursting with positive energy and creativity. In brick-wall buildings setting covered with amazing murals and art, there is never a dull moment in Allentown. If you are lucky enough to move to this neighborhood, we suggest hiring a local moving company such as Wayfinder moving services. In this way, you will get a helping hand from a moving crew that knows its way around Buffalo.


Albright is one of the most affluent suburbs in the Buffalo city area with the average household income reaching around $77,000. This astonishingly pleasant neighborhood is situated along Hoyt Lake and is home to only around 3,000 people. It comes as no surprise that this exclusivity is paired with amazing museums and art galleries such as the famous Albright-Knox Gallery. However, if it ever happens that you are tired of seeing amazing architecture and art, you can always rest beside Hoyt Lake’s wonderful nature.

There is a lot of nature around Buffalo, NY.

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Central Park

If you are moving in with your family to Buffalo, you should consider moving to this suburban neighborhood. Since it is situated away from the hustle and bustle of central city dwellers, this neighborhood is perfect for raising your kids in a welcoming, peaceful environment. It has one of the best schools in the county and is known for being very safe.

What makes Central Park especially suited for family life is the fact that it has retained its quaint, unique charm over the years. However, it is not as detached from interesting Buffalo amenities as suburban neighborhoods tend to be. Your little ones will adore walking to Buffalo Zoo and Delaware Park after school, which is another reason why most families with children choose to move to this Buffalo neighborhood.

If you plan to move to Central Park, be sure to hire an experienced moving company that can handle the transfer to your new house in the safest and most efficient way possible. You will probably want to wrap up the relocation and settle in Buffalo as soon as possible so that you can explore your new neighborhood all day long.

All in all, we hope this short guide to choosing the best neighborhood for your family in Buffalo, NY has helped you get closer to choosing the most appropriate place for living with your family. We wish you all the best with your relocation.

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