How To Achieve An Eco-Themed Wedding Day

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When planning for your wedding, you need to consider a lot of things. You need to make sure that all of the elements needed at a wedding are checked such as the wedding venue, decorations, catering, guest list, wedding dress, wedding theme, and many more. To determine the aesthetics and feelings you would like to have at your wedding, you need to choose what wedding theme you will have.

Having a wedding theme can guide you in every step of the planning part of your wedding. There are a lot of themes that you can choose from. The common themes used by couples are the romantic theme, vintage theme, and fairytale theme. If you want to stand-out, try to choose a unique wedding theme.

Are you and your significant other into nature? Choosing a nature or eco-themed wedding is best fitted for you. You can play and make use of the infinite things nature has to offer to make your wedding planning successful. Below are a few cool and unique ideas you can use if you plan to have an eco-themed wedding.

Use the hues of green or brown as your color palette


If you are asked what colors can be associated with nature, the usual answer for sure is the colors green and brown. Depending on your preference, you can make use of these colors to mimic the verdant landscape of nature. Have your bridesmaids wear gowns using these kinds of colors. Accessorize them with cute bouquets and flower crowns.

Ditch the indoor wedding venue and choose the outdoors!

Since you are already working on a unique wedding theme, why not choose an outdoor wedding venue. Outdoor wedding venue gives a fresh feeling to you and your guests compared to the indoor wedding venues such as conference halls.

There are a lot of outdoor wedding venues you can choose from in New Jersey. If you want an intimate wedding with a small number of guests, you can use your backyard. However, if you have a large crowd, then you can rent a golf course or secure a permit to use a public park.

Outdoor wedding venues allow you to make use of the natural scenery nature has. You can use trees and plants as your wedding decoration. You will be able to save money if ever you choose this kind of venue for your wedding day.

Look like a nature fairy on your wedding dress

Your wedding look should not be forgotten. Flowy wedding dresses are best for this kind of wedding theme. You will look like a fairy or a goddess with this kind of wedding dress style. You can accessorize yourself with a crown on your hair. For jewelry, you can use a beautiful necklace with a flower pendant as a highlight to your look.

Be resourceful and use recycled materials

One thing that you can say is that it is indeed an eco-themed wedding if you use recycled materials. This can test your resourcefulness and creativity in making things out of used materials to beautify your wedding. Use recycled papers to make your invitations for your guests. Stack up or collect used paper sheets to cater to your printed decorations.

If you have extra squared blocks of wood, you can paint it and write something on it. It can be a welcome sign board or labels for an important part of your wedding venue. You can use dried twigs and flowers as decoration. Use hanging plants or vines to adorn your wedding venue.

If you have the budget, you can have carved wood souvenirs to be distributed to your special wedding guests. You are hitting two birds with one stone with this, it is a good memoir and it can be used as a decoration at their home.

Serve plant-based food to your guests

 To be in line with your wedding theme, you can serve a variety of plant-based food choices to your guests (of course you also need to prepare and incorporate non-plant based food to your menu for those who are not fans of plant-based). Your guests will love this as they will feel healthy from eating the food you served on your wedding day.

Have as many fruits as possible for dessert choices for your guests. You can also have a carrot-flavored cake for your wedding cake. Vegetable or fruit chips are good souvenirs to be given to your guests. As they snack on the chips at their respective homes, they will remember the memories they made on your significant day.

If you want to make a statement at your wedding, you can do it by choosing a unique wedding theme. Having an eco-theme wedding will surely leave an impression on your guest. You can use the ideas stated above to make your eco-themed wedding successful. It will help you and your guest appreciate and love nature.

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