3 Ways to Keep the Air in Your Kid’s Room Fresher

Kids’ rooms can get pretty smelly, right? And many kids are prone to allergies, congestion, and/or asthma, making fresh air in the room an absolute must.

When people think of keeping indoor air pure, they might imagine a specific scent or spray that gives the air a jolt of freshness. However, it’s important to consider where freshness actually starts.

Spraying a nice scent might relieve your senses temporarily, but the truth is, most air pollutants and allergens are odorless. They live in even the best smelling rooms.

In your kid’s room especially, keeping the air fresh and free of pollutants will ward off allergies, asthma, and congestion and of course promote overall health.

Here are three tips to keep the air in your kid’s room much fresher and healthier:

1. Address hidden dustKid Room Air Fresher

Keeping your kiddo’s room clean is the number one way to maintain indoor air quality. Just doing a quick clean every now and then won’t cut it, though. Make sure you tackle the hard-to-reach areas too!

Some cleaning tips to keep in mind for fresher air:

  • Dust behind and under furniture. You’d be surprised how much dust can accumulate under and behind furniture when it’s left there for a while. Any amount of dust or pollen will pollute the air and inflame any allergies or problems with asthma that your kid might have.
  • Tackle corners. Even the corners of the rooms hold a lot of hidden dust, so don’t forget them. The freshest air requires the most diligent cleaning!
  • Use natural cleaning products. Chemical cleaners can pollute the air too. Make sure your cleaning products contain natural ingredients to avoid spreading harmful chemicals and toxins as you clean.
  • Keep bedding and pillows clean. As you might already know, irritating allergens can hide in your kid’s pillows and bedding, so make sure you wash them regularly. And if you have old pillows, it might be time to get some new ones – dust mites like to hide, even inside your favorite old pillows and can cause irritation.

2. Opt for hardwood floorshardwood floors kids

Carpets might be warmer on your feet, but they tend to harbor dust and allergens, even after you vacuum. An easy solution is to convert your kid’s flooring from carpet to hardwood, which is much easier to keep clean.

And choose a hardwood flooring company that’s committed to zero added formaldehyde, which adds an extra element of freshness. Not only will you have an easier time cleaning the floors and keeping them free of dust and pollen, but you will notice the healthier feeling in the air from the lower VOC (volatile organic compound) levels in your home.

You can add some rugs to keep areas of the room soft for playing or sitting on the floor, but smaller area rugs will be much easier to keep clean and replace than carpet.

3. Be mindful of indoor plantsindoor plants

You might have read advice online that says indoor plants keep air fresh by adding oxygen and absorbing VOCs. While plants have been found to absorb harmful and cancer-causing chemicals in experiments, the evidence is not conclusive that they have the same effect in everyday homes.

What’s more, indoor plants can actually increase the growth of mold and harbor dust and allergens. So having too many indoor plants in your kid’s room could actually add to any allergy or asthma problems they might be experiencing.

If you want to introduce some nature to the room, opt for opening the windows more often, allowing fresh air to enter the space. This would be more effective than keeping too many indoor plants in the room.

There you have it. Now you can breathe easy!

Because keeping these three tips in mind will help you maintain fresher and healthier air in your kid’s room. Allergies and asthma won’t stand a chance.

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