How to Fix a Sticking Front Door Lock of Your House?

Sticking Front Door Lock

Are you struggling to enter your own house just because the locks are not opening? That’s indeed a terrible situation, but actually, such unexpected things often happen when the door lock gets sticky. The ideal way out in this case is to adjust your lockset. Sticking door locks usually happen for the accumulation of dust and dirt within the locking mechanism. Fortunately, these problems can be solved with the following quick fixes.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you accomplish the job successfully. But, do not forget to wear a safety glass to protect your eyes.

  1. Check the strike plate on the farthest edge of the door frame. In the case of sticking lock, there will be apparent signs in this place. Mostly, the latch bolt that sticks in the strike often leaves significant marks or scrapes on the strike plate.
  2. Now use a rotary tool with a carbide tip bit. Put the tip into the latch opening on the strike plate. It can be used to grind away a little metal inside the lock to enlarge the opening. Now adjust the sides of the strike plate where it’s required. You can use a pair of scrapes at this time.
  3. Once you are done, just close and open the door once just to ensure that things are fine. But, continue grinding the same as long as the latch is not working without sticking.

The Process of Lubrication

Once the above-mentioned steps are done, what’s left out is the process of lubrication. It helps to take the locks in the earlier working state. Here are the steps.

  1. File the rough edges of the keys with the help of a metal file. In fact, these rough sections are the reasons that prevent your key from seamlessly turning in your lock.
  2. Consider using a tube of powdered graphite into the keyhole for lubrication. Alternatively, you can also use a graphite spray. Lubricating the lock can help it work effectively.
  3. Now retract the latch, by grasping the doorknob. Insert powdered graphite tube into the opening, so that it could touch the latch area. Now turn the knob repeatedly, to see if the latch region is aptly lubricated.

Sticking front door locks is not much of a problem if you can master the tricks of these quick fixes. If you still could not front door lock problem, call a professional 24 hour locksmith Brantford for fixing this issue. A locksmith knows how to fix it quickly.

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