Lighting Up Your Garden with Different Landscapes Lights

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“Health” and “happiness” are the lives that people pursue. Keeping people in touch with nature is very important for health and happiness. In landscape design, garden design is an important part of a happy family life.

Many people want to live in a garden and live a comfortable life of rising early and admiring the flowers and the moon at night. Such a life is enviable. Imagine a family enjoying the sunshine of life in the garden and drinking afternoon tea under the flower stand. How pleasant it is! For a garden, it is not enough to only enjoy the scenery during the day. Creating a distinctive lighting system can bring a better night view to the garden.

The lighting system needs to match different effects according to different landscapes.

1. Plants

Plants need floodlights to provide color rendering. The illuminance on the plant’s illuminated surface is higher than the surrounding environment, creating a romantic atmosphere that is patchy, bright and dark.

2. Park Road

Park roads can be added with LED light strips to show winding routes. Under the action of the light strip, the garden path appears more artistic.

3. Linear lights

The steps need linear lights to enhance the atmosphere. The linear light gets its name because of its long strip shape. The heat dissipation device of the strip structure of the LED linear lamp is better. The linear lights brighten the steps and make them more aesthetically pleasing, so that ordinary nights are filled with a unique cultural environment.

4. Garden fence

Some taller and denser plants can be planted around the fence, and then decorated with colorful smart string lights. It will be a good simples idea if you attach cup hooks or metal mounting hooks onto your fence and suspend the lights from them.

5. Lawn

The lawn can use underground lights to set off a quiet atmosphere without affecting the ornamental nature of the lawn. The light shines from bottom to top to reduce the impact on the lawn. Underground lights have square and round shapes, most of which are made of stainless steel, which are solid and durable, strong in water resistance, durable and anti-oxidation, and are more suitable for lawn environments.

It should be noted that the purpose of garden lighting is to increase the leisure atmosphere. Therefore, it should be noted that the lighting will not produce glare during the lighting design, do not affect normal walking and viewing, and will not cause light pollution. The result of landscape lighting should be green and environmentally friendly.

Only home is the warmest harbor. Lighting not only plays a role in lighting, but also plays a decorative role. If you want your garden to look quiet and warm, stylish and fresh, you might as well try the garden lighting methods mentioned above. To live a different kind of garden life, you must create a garden exclusively for you. Brighten the garden, decorate your life and decorate your dreams, isn’t it happy? Start by lighting up your garden!

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