Keep Car Cool in Summer

How to Keep Your Car Cool in The Summer Heats

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Keep Car Cool in Summer

Are you worried about the intense heat of the summer that might affect your car? We all know that the summer is an excellent time for us to travel and relax. Honestly, we intend to use our car more frequently to travel during the summer. However, this might negatively affect your vehicle since engines tend to overheat during the summer.

But the most basic tool we can use is the liquid that circulates through our engine to keep our car cool. Sometimes, we come to an argument about water vs. coolant and which of these two works better. But what’s more important is to make sure your engine should not run out of liquid while driving.

If you need more ideas on how you can keep your car cool in the summer, we have gathered some easy-to-apply tips that you can do anytime.

Check your car’s water level

We all know that even in humans, water is essential; just like in your car, water that circulates in your engine makes sure that your engine doesn’t overheat. Since water can quickly evaporate, mainly when you use your vehicle more frequently during the summer, it causes your water to boil easily and evaporate.

In the said, you have to make sure you’ll regularly check your car’s water level to ensure that your engine will run smoothly. On the other hand, if you are using coolant, and it runs low during your travel, it’s safe that you have clean water stored in your car for emergency purposes.

Water Vs. Coolant

Since these liquids are essential for cooling your car, you have to know water vs. coolant differences. Since most car owners use water in their radiator, if they don’t have coolant on hand, it’s completely fine, but you have to understand the cautions.

Water is relevant in cooling your engine, but you have to remember that it can easily boil at a lower temperature than the coolant. Also, in the winter, your engine has a greater chance that your water will block your engine that can cause a bigger problem. But water is the only option you can use; it can also be an effective option with proper care and checking.

On the other hand, most car owners use coolant to ensure their engine is in good hands since coolant was engineered to resist the temperature. It’s safer to use it during the summer because it has more resistance to high temperatures. By this, it will make sure your car won’t overheat even using it during the summer.

Some car owners mix the coolant to water on a 50/50 basis. They do this when there is something wrong with their radiator. If so, you can mix the water and coolant and make sure to visit your technician to get it fixed. Your technician will replace damaged parts that cause your coolant to leak.

Keep your eye on the temperature gauge

If you have a long drive this summer, make sure to observe your temperature gauge. Your temperature gauge will determine if your engine can still handle its temperature. So, you have to make sure that the needle of your gauge is pointing at the center. If it suddenly went to the red line, pull over and make your engine cool down for a while before using it again.

Turn on the fresh air AC option

Air conditioning can make your engine hotter when you’re on a long drive this summer; make sure to balance the use of your car’s AC and fan. If you are driving in a place with trees around, try to off your AC and open your window. In this, you can help your engine cool down and avoid overheating.

Another thing is you can open your window slightly, so the fresh air can help you cool down your car. By this, you can avoid using your air conditioning at a max level.

Replace your old car battery

If your car’s battery is degraded, your battery might not be as efficient as before. As a result, your engine has to exert more work that could cause it to overheat. However, there are some points you need to know when you have to replace your battery already.

  1. Your engine takes time before it starts.
  2. You will notice your headlights dim every time you set your car to idling.
  3. The terminals and cables of your battery will show signs of corrosion.
  4. When your battery losses its efficiency, it is visible when your car is in idle mode. You might notice the power window runs very slow compared to its standard speed when your engine is on.

When you notice these signs, you should visit your mechanic as soon as you can since they will be the ones to determine if you need to replace it already.

Check your motor oil level

Motor oil helps your car remove excess heat from your engine, so you have to make sure to replace it when needed. Also, you have to ensure that it is at the right level. A low motor oil level can cause your engine to run hot since it helps your car to run smoothly.

Tint your car windows

Tinting your windows can help you have a more comfortable temperature during the summer. However, since air conditioning can add more heat and work to your engine, it’s better to apply some changes to your car’s interior and windows. In addition, Tinting your car will block all the sun rays and only let a portion of light pass through the windows.

By that, you don’t need to force your engine to do extra work in making your car cool inside. Tinted windows can also block harmful UV rays coming from the sun.


Our summer adventure will be a lot better if we know how to take good care of ourselves and our car. These tips we have provided above will surely help you to have a more memorable summer experience. 

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