Make Work Fun Employees

How To Make Work Fun For Employees

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Make Work Fun Employees

If the office were all work and no fun, it would be a struggle for many employees.

That’s why small businesses and large corporations place a great deal of effort and importance in creating a positive work environment, one that balances both hard work and productivity while allowing employees to embrace the “fun” when needed.

Having that balance allows employees to be happy, motivated, and, most importantly, productive. Recent research has shown that happy employees are more likely to deliver high-quality work, and more of it, for their employer.

So if you wish to keep your employees happy and continue driving your business forward, then it’s time to consider these valuable ways that make work fun.

10 Things To Make Work Fun

Create Workplace Routines

Anything as simple as standing up for stretches as a group or going for a walk (in pairs or threes) can help break the monotony of work. It also allows employees to get to know each other better when they’re in an atmosphere of freedom.

Decorative & Provide Comfort

If your office is all drywall and no spark, it can be hard to motivate employees. Colours, distinctive designs, and valuable pieces of furniture and artwork can create a positive environment, ultimately leading employees to be more comfortable around the office.

Celebrate Small Wins

From signing a new client to launching a successful campaign for a partner, celebrating wins is a great way to bring together the team. Everyone will know what is occurring with each other, and together, focus on growing the business to become bigger and better.

Organize Monthly or Bi-Monthly Adventures

Taking a Friday afternoon off for a work activity can prove useful for employees. Going out together as a team and undertaking team-centric activities, such as BBQs, escape rooms (check out Arcadia Adventures, they’re great for team-building activities), board game nights, and so forth, are great ways to have fun and form friendships. More so, these relationships can inspire better collaboration back in the office.

Create Office Clubs

Some people in the office might love Dungeon & Dragons; others might be obsessed with football and superstars like Lionel Messi and Neymar. Use that to create office clubs where they get together once in a while to discuss their fields of interest. It can really help with the team bonding process.

Encourage Exercise & Outdoor Activities

Sitting at a desk all day can be demoralizing and life-sucking. Instead, allow your employees to step outside every few months to get some fresh air, go for a walk, or even go to the gym during a lunch break or downtime. Promoting outdoor activities and exercise can promote healthy mindsets and boost employees’ happiness levels. And what did we say about trying to make employees happier when possible?

Reward Employees Every Month

Sure, employees-of-the-month might be tacky, but there are plenty of other opportunities that can be maximized. Celebrate when employees have achieved something amazing or highlight their consistent work output. Just make sure to spread the rewards evenly and not to a select few, as you might end up creating divisions between favourites and lesser-known employees.

Encourage Peer-to-Peer Review Or Feedback

We ain’t referring to going down the Micheal Scott route of opening up a can of worms and creating havoc. We’re referring to encouraging your employees to discuss each other’s work more openly between each other – particularly positive or constructive feedback. This helps peers understand their work a little better, develops closer relationships between teams and employees, and results in them improving their work. Just emphasize “positive or constructive” feedback, as negative comments can cause problems.

Have a Check-in Day

Sure, no one wants to open up about their private lives to people in the office, but just taking a day to ask your employees how they are feeling, what they’re up to and what they would like to do in the future can prove useful. They’ll also see it as a way that management shows they care about their health and wellbeing.

Bring in the Games

Be it a ping-pong table, billiards, or a stack of board games, having a room just for fun can prove beneficial for employees looking to break away from the grind. They will feel more encouraged to take breaks (a big problem in today’s “go-go-go” culture of no breaks) while allowing them to bond with teammates. You can even organize monthly or weekly competitions to get things rolling – just make sure you treat the winner to something special!

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