How to Post on Instagram from Computer or Laptop

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Instagram has become the top and most used social media channel because of its unique features and limitations. It is the world’s 3rd platform with billions of users. Its main features are; you can share photos and videos, connect with friends, make new friends, post live videos, follow your favorite persons, share your current status, and much more things you can do.

Instagram has less spam as compared with other social media sites because you can only use it on a mobile phone. It does also not allow clickable links in the posts and doe not generates previews from url.

Run Instagram on Computer Firefox

There are some tricks or methods to use Instagram on your computer firefox and crome.

Step 1. Open on the firefox browser

Step 2: Press the buttons Ctrl + Shift + M

Step 3: Now you will see the mobile view screen

Step 4: Hover the mouse cursor on the firefox browser bar and click behind the URL then hit Enter button.

Step 5: Now scroll down to see upload sign +. You close the responsive design window from x sign for full screen.

After loading the screen, you will see the screen look like the below picture:

Run Instagram on Laptop Crome

Step 1. Open on crime browser

Step 2: Press the buttons Ctrl + Shift + J

Step 3: Now click on the toggle device toolbar (left-hand side bottom)

Step 4: Change the screen size to 375 x 812 from the top bar or select any mobile device

Step 5: Click behind the URL in the crime bar then hit Enter button.

Step 5: Close the below toggle toolbar from x sign.

Now you will able to see the post or image upload sign at the bottom of the screen. You will see the screen looks like the above image.

Post on Instagram from Computer or Laptop Chrome

  1. Next step: Simply click on the + icon which is an image or video upload button. You also see it in the mobile app.
  2. Next, write an image description, use hashtags, and advanced settings.
  3. Click on the Share button in the last.

However, you can use some software and applications to run Instagram on a desktop computer. These tricks are very helpful for business owners and marketers who frequently use Instagram for business promotion.

So use these techniques to share a post with your Instagram followers. If you don’t have many followers, you can gain them. People also ask a question we bought our followers from Upleap or any other source, will they helpful? They might be helpful if you are a real follower, not fake bots.

So share the quality and informative content on Instagram daily and stay active all the time from your computer.

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