What Is The Recommended Thickness Of A Mattress?

Recommended Thickness Of Mattress

Nowadays, in the age of the internet, people like to buy a mattress online. Everyone wants a comfortable and luxurious bed to have a good sleep. But it is a bit difficult to figure out how comfortable the mattress is. When buying a mattress online, it is better to check the thickness of a mattress, as a thick mattress can provide you with better comfort than a thin one.

The recommended thickness of a mattress is 16 inches. Anything thicker would be considered too thick and unhealthy.

The ideal height of the top of your bed is 25 inches, i.e. the top of your mattress from the floor should be 25 inches because it is easier for you to access and leave your bed at 25 inches. Make sure to consider these details when you buy a mattress online.

Thickness Chart

When buying a mattress online, a chart showing mattresses of different thicknesses might be helpful.

Low Profile Mattress

A mattress of thickness 2-5 inches is called a low-profile mattress. It is usually found in a baby crib and recommended for toddlers. You can use this mattress for a guest room which is not used that often. It can be very uncomfortable and bad for adults, especially bad for their backs.

Slim Mattress

A mattress of thickness 5-8 inches is called a slim mattress. It is recommended for people with a restricted ability to move.

Standard Mattress

A mattress of thickness 8-12 inches is called a standard mattress. It is the most recommended and bought by the people.

Thick mattress

A mattress of thickness 12-16 inches is called a thick or deep mattress. It is more comfortable than a standard mattress.

Extra-thick mattress

A mattress of thickness more than 16 inches is an extra-thick mattress. It is very comfortable but also bad for your back.

When buying a mattress online, you might not know how comfortable a mattress is. But you can have a rough idea by checking the thickness. Often the most recommended and bought mattresses are standard mattresses and thick mattresses.

Aspects That Dictate The Thickness Of A Mattress

The thickness of a mattress depends on the number of layers in it. There are two layers in most mattresses and even more than 4 in more comfortable mattresses. Every mattress has a base layer and at least one comfort layer.

Comfort Layer

The Comfort layer is the 2-3 inch thick top layer of a mattress which is usually plush and provides comfort. It can be made of either cotton, wool or poly-foam. The number of comfort layers determines how comfortable the mattress is.

Base Layer

The base layer determines the durability of a mattress. That’s why it is also called the foundation layer. At least half of the thickness of a high-quality mattress is the base layer. Like, for a mattress of 12-16 inch thickness, the best quality mattresses should have a base layer of at least 6-8 inches.

Things To Consider When Deciding The Thickness

When buying a mattress online, there are several factors you must consider when choosing the thickness:

You should consider the thickness of a mattress according to your sleeping position, there are different positions including,

Side Sleeping

A 12-14 inches thick mattress should be bought if you are a side sleeper.

Back Sleeping

If you are a back sleeper, you should buy a 10-12 inch mattress.

Stomach Sleeping

A mattress 10 inches thick should be bought in case you are a stomach sleeper.

Combination Sleeping

For a combination sleeper, A combination sleeper should consider a 12-inch mattress.

Body Type

Mattresses are often subjected to quite a lot of weight depending on the body type of the person using them. So they should not have shrinkage and should be comfortable.

  • For people weighing less than 60 Kgs, the mattress should be around 10 inches thick.
  • If the person weighs between 60 to 100 Kgs, the mattress should be between 10-12 inches thick.
  • A person weighing more than 100 kgs should buy a 12-14 inch thick mattress.

Sleeping Alone Or With A Partner: Sleeping with a partner can put more pressure and weight on the mattress. So a mattress of a thickness around 12 inches with more layers should be selected if you buy the mattress.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Thick Mattress

When buying a thick mattress online or instore, you should consider both the benefits and the drawbacks of it:


  • The thinner mattresses may sag under pressure, especially if you sleep with a partner.
  • They are more comfortable than thinner mattresses.


  • The mattress and the bed might end up being too big if you select a thicker mattress, making it difficult to get in and out of for people with restricted movement.
  • Thicker mattresses are more expensive.
  • Thick mattresses are cumbersome, making them difficult to move around.

These benefits and drawbacks may help you determine if a thicker mattress is right for you. For more information and to buy a mattress online, you may visit any of the mattress selling websites.

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