Use Serum Eye Drops

Should You Use Serum Eye Drops? An Explanation

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Use Serum Eye Drops

Taking care of your eyes is an important responsibility for your vision. As you wake up, the eyes are the first thing you use in any activity. If you are experiencing itchiness, redness, or pain, using serum eye drops helps. These eye drops contain nutrients that promote cell growth on the ocular surface. The products are safe for use, and it heals your eyes.

So why should you use these eye drops? These products address common eye problems such as dry eyes and Sjogren’s syndrome. It is effective to address the buildup of bacteria. As a result, your vision clears up on the ocular surface. Getting serum eye drops is a process, and it needs coordination with professionals.

What Are Serum Eye Drops?

Serum eye drops are formulations derived from a patient’s blood. In making one, a technician uses sterile techniques to draw out the blood. After getting the blood, it goes into a centrifuge to separate its components. The technician then adds a saline solution into usable bottles. The lifespan of serum eye drops varies, but it can extend with proper refrigeration. In addition, all bottles are preservative-free, so you must use them immediately.


Since these eye drops derive blood from each patient, the effectiveness varies. The formulations would change depending on the prescription for the individual. For example, treating dry eyes effectively start as early as two weeks after use. In contrast to artificial tears, serum eye drops can relieve symptoms better.

With its unique formulation, autologous serum eye drops treat various eye problems. You will not worry about allergic reactions once you apply them on the ocular surface.

These eye drops treat various ocular surface disorders. In addition, it is a custom-made solution for each patient for more effective results.

Side Effects of Serum Eye Drops

There are little to no side effects to serum eye drops. However, since these products are preservative-free, exposure to contamination can affect their formulation. If your eye drops get contaminated, you should notify the healthcare professional. Another problem that can arise is the fear of blood draw. All blood draws involve a needle, and it can cause irritations initially.


There is no standard cost of serum eye drops. Expect that each laboratory or health facility has varying procedures for preparing one.

The production of these eye drops uses special equipment, which gets stored frozen. When it reaches an ideal temperature, another facility gets the blood to make the formula. With these processes, the cost can be expensive. You can consult your doctor for more information when you finally start using the eye drops.   

Wrapping Up

You can use serum eye drops to treat ocular surface problems. It can treat dry eyes, irritation, and serious eye conditions. The effectiveness of these products varies, as each formulation derives from a patient’s blood. In addition, it is preservative-free for better healing of the eyes. If you have eye problems during treatment, consult your healthcare professional. Ultimately, the ocular surface clears up for better eye vision.

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