Intimate Wedding Venue

The Perfect Intimate Wedding Venue and Its Importance

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Intimate Wedding Venue

For hundreds and even thousands of years, weddings have always been traditionally elaborate affairs where couples say their vows in front of an adoring crowd, after which the celebrations and revelry immediately begin and then continue into the night. It had its benefits – there were, after all, well-wishers and presents in plenty – but as society persisted, a few people started craving for a more personalised affair that centred the couple and gave them the privacy to enjoy their moment in relative solitude. Nowadays, intimate weddings happen almost as much as big weddings do.

Anyone who has ever been to an intimate wedding would testify in favour of them being incredibly romantic. A lot of factors contribute to this, but none so much as the setting picked for the event. Delicacy is required to manifest the blueprint into a perfect execution; a hall too big might make the ceremony feel hollow, and a centre too small might make it feel stifling. In the right setting, however, an intimate wedding becomes a panegyric to its name – a small, romantic, and blissful celebration of love within which all participants find fulfillment.

The Perfect Intimate Wedding Venue

All choices are subject to the personal taste of the couple, but as a rule, there are certain venues one should eliminate when trying to pick a small wedding setting. Large event centres and other similar venues are out of the picture by default and charming, quaint choices should be the focus. Perfect small wedding venues include:

  • Restaurants: Renting a small restaurant for the day is a good choice for having an intimate wedding. The even solves the problem of having to hire a caterer when the staff is willing to work at the event.
  • Vineyards: They have a natural charm about them that can be taken advantage of for a small ceremony. Having about fifty guests seated amid grapes in bloom while the couple proclaims unparalleled love for each other certainly makes for a memorable experience.
  • Log cabins: An isolated cabin overlooking natural elements like a lake or a beautiful forest lends a bucolic edge to an elegantly executed ceremony.
  • Rooftops: No matter how they are executed, rooftop events with a stunning view of the city or any other magnificent vista simply ooze sophistication and class. Looking out over such a view as newlyweds gives a perspective of how vast the matrimonial road ahead is.
  • Family house: Weddings are sentimental times for everyone; the parents, the siblings, and most of all, the couple. An intimate wedding within the family house marks the close of an old chapter and the beginning of a new one. This scene is perfect for people who do not mind a few tears as the wedding comes to a close.
  • Lighthouse: An unusual setting for a wedding, but if a small wedding high above the ground with a remarkable view of the sea, and the soothing sound of waves paying homage to a union seems appealing, then it is the right venue for you.
  • Event centres: While large event centres are off the menu, there are smaller and more tastefully designed ones constructed solely around the idea of weddings. These are even more practical than the others on this list because they have great options for every possible wedding eventuality.

Why are Intimate Weddings the Dream?

It’s easy to admit that intimate weddings do not exactly sound like fairytale romances because fairytale weddings are typically framed around grandeur and splendour, designed more to evoke the imagination than to centre on the beautiful bonds between the couple. This is the one reason why intimate weddings are increasingly popular. Apart from the obvious sentiments, there are more practical ones. These kinds of weddings hold appeal because:

  • It’s easier to have a destination wedding: Destination weddings are easier to execute if your guest list is small. You can easily fly all the guests over to the destination and pay for their utilities for the time they are there.
  • They are easy to plan: Planning a regular wedding requires much investment and takes a lot out of everyone involved. This is despite hiring event planners, decorators, caterers, and entertainment. Intimate weddings, on the other hand, are easy to plan because they do not require much grandeur and you do not have to put in much effort to impress
  • You can focus on quality treatment for your guests: Priority when hosting a large wedding is making sure all the guests are treated appropriately. With all the effort going into this, it is easy to neglect the optimisation of the quality of said treatment. Intimate weddings allow you to focus on ensuring your guests get the best experience.
  • You can invest money into other ventures: The money that would have been used for a large wedding could be invested into a beautiful honeymoon for the couple, or a new kitchen for your marital home. Intimate weddings could also be a way to cut costs if the couple does not want to start a marriage in debt.
  • Access to more venues, vendors, and places: An intimate wedding gives you more access to venues of every sort because you don’t have to worry about capacity. Within these venues, you are also able to relate on a more personal level with your guests.

Since you’ve chosen to have an intimate wedding, you’ll need the perfect venue. We recognise it is hard picking from amongst our list, and some might be a bit impractical for a few circumstances. This is why you should look into The Parlour, a beautifully ideal venue for the perfect intimate wedding. Located within the Blagdon Estate not far from Northumberland, it is within easy reach for couples in Newcastle, Gosforth, Morpeth & Ponteland. Contact us today for access to this beautiful spot.

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