Podcast Go Viral Strategies

5 Ways to Make Your Podcast Go Viral With Proven Promotion Strategies

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Podcast Go Viral Strategies

Podcasting is adopted by most as a new means to spread their message. The world is changing its course, moving from visuals to listening to audio. We all desire to release a podcast that gets viral and is acknowledged worldwide.

According to a research survey conducted by podcast insights in 2021, there are more than two million active podcasts. And almost forty-eight million episodes are released by these active podcasters. In 2020, 41% of US nationals listened to podcasts.

With the statistics mentioned above, it’s clear that a podcast is a new medium to convey your message to a larger audience. A podcast can cover a wide array of topics, ranging from daily-life topics to more in-depth discussions on crime and political scenarios.

A podcast is replacing other mediums to convey your message. The increase in the number of podcasters leads to increased competition.

But you don’t have to fetter; we got your back. With the help of this article, you are introduced to various strategies that will help you promote your podcast. Get ready to make your podcast go viral and convey your message to a larger audience.

SEO Is the Key

Most of the subscribers to your podcast come from Google. You must ensure that your content targets the right audience.

It is a substantial method to grow your reach by optimizing potential listeners to view your podcast. In 2019, Google announced that podcasts are being displayed directly through the search engine. Thus, generating content competing with one million active podcasts is essential.

The first step to achieving the above-mentioned goal is to verify your podcast with Google Podcast Manager. It’s an easy method to get viewed by a larger community. Once registered with Google Podcast Manager, your feed will be discoverable through the search engine.

Secondly, you can buy a research tool for optimizing keywords. Numerous keyword research tools suit the budget. Semrush, Soovle, and Jaaxy can serve the cause. You can go for Keyword Surfer or Google Trends if you are on a tight budget.

The last strategy to achieve maximum search engine optimization is transcribing your episodes. Transcription makes your podcast available to different types of audiences. Those who are into reading text can go through the transcribed episodes and understand the crux of your topic, making the podcast go viral. 

Podcast Subscription

A podcast subscription is a new way to earn from your podcasts. People around the globe are now paying for their favorite podcasts. They enjoy listening to a podcast without the interruption of ads. According to a survey by Podnews, 19.7 million people (17%) in the US are ready to pay for paid podcasts in the coming months.

There are quite a few podcast subscription sites that offer premium-quality podcasts to your viewers. The process is supported by revenue from both the podcaster and the site.

You can go for several subscription sites present in the market. The best strategy is to provide your content on various podcasting sites. It will help deliver your message to a vast community of listeners other than Apple podcast subscription terms.

Promote Podcast With Ad Revenues

A podcast is becoming an excellent source of income in the present and upcoming era. Most marketers promote their products through ads uploaded during podcast episodes. Thus, with the increasing number of podcasters and listeners, ad revenues are also increasing.

According to the report covered by Insider Intelligence, it was surveyed that the US spent $1.3 billion on podcast ads in 2021. It is anticipated to increase further by 3 billion in 2026. However, the question is whether the listeners want to see ads during podcast episodes, or if is it merely distracting and irritating.

The answer to the above question lies in a survey by Discovery Pods, explaining that almost 90% of podcast listeners view ads as effective. A stunning 55% of the listeners have purchased the product based on the ad. In contrast, 58% of listeners find ads annoying and redundant.

Thus, being open to ads on your podcast can attract more audiences and enable you to earn simultaneously.

Know Your Audience

The audience must like the content to get viral. The podcaster should make sure to know the audience. The foremost step is to go through the trending topics that will help you choose the topic for your podcast. You can also look into its demographics for a better understanding. In addition, you can conduct your survey to find out your audience’s preferences by circulating a brief questionnaire.

Carrying out a survey may seem like a hectic process, but it is one of the most efficient ways to make your content viral. If you know your audience, you can hit them with your content. It will, in so many ways, make your podcast exciting and relatable.

The millennial generation mainly prefers listening to light comedy and thrilling crime podcasts. In contrast, hardcore traditionalists prefer listening to historical topics regarding different places and monuments. You can choose the next topic for your podcast by considering the genres mentioned above.

Consistency Is Crucial

Consistency is central to any work affair. You should be consistent in releasing your podcast episodes. It is preferable to record three to five episodes before the launching of the podcast channel. Release all the previous recorded episodes on your first day for better engagement and extended content for the listeners.

You should not take a long gap between your episodes. Uploading 3 episodes each week is a good timeline for most renowned podcasters. It will keep your listeners engaged for a whole week, and they won’t lose sight of you by being consistent. 


Podcasting is a modern way to spread your message worldwide with limited resources. To make podcasting your professional career, follow the four strategies mentioned above. You can employ one or all five strategies for better output. These will make your content viral and deliver it to a larger audience.

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