Kundali Matching for Compatibility Check

Kundali Matching Compatibility CheckIn Vedic Astrology, there are many diverse aspects of an individual’s life that are covered. Marriage is one of those aspects that can be understood better with context to your life by reading your marriage horoscope.

Astrological compatibility or Kundali Matching is a branch under Jyothisham that observes relationships, their connections, and their qualities by matching kundali, the birth chart of two individuals. Compatibility between signs is approached in slightly different ways depending on which system is followed: Western, Chinese, or Vedic.

The Vedic system of kundali matching is very unique and is based on the natal and D9 chart of two individuals. The fundamental principle of marriage horoscope involves the nakshatra system and the Lagna occupying the constellation at the time of birth, for both the individuals.

Factors Affecting Compatibility

As we already know, the system of kundali matching is based on constellations. Each of these shows a unique representation of different parts of nature. These could include the sex of the person, Gana, which shows if they are man, demon or god, their Gotra or lineage, harmony or repulsion with certain stars sign, longevity, Marakaas which are death influencing planets, Shagun or omen, placement of Mars in their Mangal Dosha and some more. All of these are examined to see if a couple is compatible with each other and if stability will persist in the relationship.

Based on the birth constellation, these following aspects are examined for their significance:

  • Varna signifies spiritual development
  • Vashya signifies Mutual control or friendship
  • Tara is indicative of the luck of the auspicious union
  • Graha Maitri is the psychological state
  • Nadi which involves temperaments and affliction to the other
  • Bhakoota signifies children and growth
  • Yoni speaks of sexual urges and affinity
  • Yujja is the love that is naturally flowing between the couple
  • Vedha and Varga are about mutual enmity
  • Gana depicts the nature of the person
  • Mahendra promotes attachments
  • Stree Dergha speaks about service to their partner
  • Rajju shows the duration of the marriage

Based on these aspects, you can see if a couple is compatible by performing calculations to check the influence of ruling planets and signs in the house of relations.

Even though marriage is a sacred institution, it remains a man-made one which is why your horoscope never specifies marriage in particular, rather the relationships that last and impact your life in tremendous ways.

Looking into the D9 chart, the Navamsa chart, one can go further into how the concept of marriage is relative to the individual. It does not give you information on who you will marry or if your signs are compatible.

Only after thirty years of your life is the D9 chart completely accessible and will begin to make sense. This chart will give an in-depth insight into your marriage purpose. This chart is a vital part of reading a marriage horoscope, however, will not give the complete picture.

This is why kundali matching is such an important aspect of understanding a relationship or union between two individuals. The natal and Navamsa chart only gives insight into the individual and their perspectives of interaction.

Kundali matching can examine these factors along with an individual’s afflictions and notions on the union, to thoroughly understand how they will be able to build a life with the other.

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