4 Coolest and Most Romantic First Date Ideas in Russia

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First dates leave strong and lasting impressions. They can be pretty daunting, especially for first-timers. Who wouldn’t be nervous, though? There’s no way anyone can tell how they’ll go! They can either end happily like in the movies or embarrassingly culminate in total disaster (cue the nerves!).

While locations don’t matter much, your ideas and execution do. First dates (and impressions) can make or break your budding relationship’s progress, so you should exert extra effort to make things extra special. The question is, how and what does that look like?

Fortunately, we have a few tricks under our sleeves. Have fun in Russia with your date with these ideas. Watch out for these Russian cities and their sights!

1. Chill out by the Volga River

Are you finding yourselves in Kazan? You’re in luck! This charming Russian city has natural wonders that go well with its captivating architecture and eye-catching museums.

And speaking of natural wonders, the Volga River is a perfect spot for a low-key first date. The calming scene is a picturesque backdrop for your romance’s humble beginnings. Take a stroll along the river as you two get to know each other. Take in nature’s wonders with your future/potential partner!

When’s the best time to make your way to this city, you ask? Visit Kazan from June to August—perfect for a summer romance. Don’t forget to bring a camera!

2. Explore Yekaterinburg

This second city is Russia’s 4th biggest. It lies at the border of Asia and Europe, guaranteeing an eventful experience for both tourists and locals. Yekaterinburg’s rich culture makes for an exciting visit, and undoubtedly, a great place to have a date.

Yekaterinburg’s architecture is nothing to scoff at. Sevastyanov’s House alone is worth anyone’s attention! Its surrounding structures are a diverse mix of classic and modern marvels. Vaynera Street’s colorful buildings make it an enjoyable place to walk along, so take your time to soak them all in. Want to look at the city from up high? Get a breathtaking view of Yekaterinburg at the Vysotskiy Viewing Platform with your partner. How’s that for a first date?

3. See Saint Petersburg’s greenery

Think you can’t see green in Russia? Think again! This next stop shows you a place where you and your date can enjoy flourishing plants and pretty flowers in peace.

The Lower Park is one of Peterhof Palace’s best attractions. Its fountains are a part of a bigger collection around the property. Each one displaying its uniqueness; if you wonder why people sometimes call it the “Fountain Park,” there’s your answer. Take a break from Saint Petersburg’s tourist traps and enjoy some quiet time with your companion. This place is perfect if you want a simple first date without distractions.

4. Get lost in Moscow together

Don’t leave out the capital when visiting Russia! Moscow’s got plenty of sights to keep anyone occupied, so don’t be afraid to get lost in the city together with your date! Hop on a little cruise and admire Moscow from the river. Check out the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy if you’re up for some history. Want to get cooking (literally)? Sign up for a cooking class together! In Moscow, the options are endless.

Make your first date a memorable one with these ideas. Good luck and have fun!

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