Modern Living Room Furniture Trends

Modern Living Room Furniture Trends Prevailing This Year

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Modern Living Room Furniture TrendsInterior decoration trends and styles keep changing at regular intervals. Some of these styles and trends stay for long years, while others get replaced by what people find more interesting for varying reasons. When it comes to living room furniture, the space available to accommodate the furniture, utility and budget are among the major considerations. Although different forms of plastic and metal furniture have occupied a small percentage of the overall furniture market, timber has remained the all-time favourite of discerning customers. No home can be complete without at least some timber and that applies to furniture too.

Challenges of the timber sector

Timber sector across the globe is facing the dual challenges of catering to increased demand for quality timber furniture and at the same time addressing potential adverse environmental impact as well as human health. Some of the challenges are:

  • substantial ecological changes
  • deforestation
  • disturbances and damages to forest resources
  • degrading state of nature protection and forest health
  • climate change

Recycled timber furniture

One solution that has emerged in recent times to meet the growing demand for timber furniture and minimize the environmental challenges is recycled timber furniture. This is a desirable solution too since recycled timber comes from old construction sites, buildings, bridges, ships etc and would have headed towards unproductive destinations or landfills. But, before you consider recycled timber furniture, it helps to have a basic understanding of this type of furniture.

How wood is recycled

Once the timber from multiple sources arrives at a recycling facility, bolts, nails, or other impediments embedded into the timber are extracted manually and this process is very labour intensive. After this, the timber is dried and made into planks before the skimming process starts.  The quality of timber being recycled will determine the extent of skimming/drying before the recycling process can start.

Drying process

The moisture present in individual pieces is not uniform across the lot and the drying process would, therefore, vary depending on a host of factors. Broadly, 3 to 6 months drying would be needed for most lots before the recycled timber can move to the milling process.  Post milling, the planks are converted into flooring tiles or other pieces of furniture.

Your choice of wood speciesFamily Room Design

Your thoughts for living room furniture may gravitate towards one or more specific wood species for various reasons. However, when you are shopping for recycled timber furniture, though manufacturers of this variety timber do take care to segregate the recycled timber by species, the cross-pollination that can occur in heavily wooded areas make classification of recycled wood becomes a major challenge.

Choosing recycled timber flooring

Many people choose recycled timber flooring particularly for the living room and if you find this appealing, you should ideally start your shopping from the showroom of a reliable vendor. Ideally, your focus should not be around a specific wood species since pieces recycled from identical species can present a different look when it comes to texture and colour. Therefore, a better way of choosing recycled timber flooring or even other furniture items is considering various elements like environment, hardness, individuality, originality and climate.

Features of recycled timber

The desirability and beauty of every wood species are determined by the features and characteristics that the wood exhibits. But, in the case of recycled timber, the weather-beat appearance and natural ageing give it a unique texture which cannot be replicated in new timber. Certain imperfections can be noticeable in the case of recycled timber and furniture made out of this class of timber. Uneven surface and even arks are generally seen on recycled timber furniture. However, you should also know that these are the very features that distinguish recycled timber furniture making it affable and appealing.

Variationssimple home upgrades

Since reclaimed timber comes from different sources, the natural features of wood may vary in certain degrees. The shade, as well as grains from one part of a particular piece, can be different from another part of the same furniture making every single piece truly unique. For example, you buy 4 chairs carved out of recycled timber, all 4 chairs may be different in appearance to the overall texture, appearance, colour etc. though all chairs may be of identical design. So, there is a wide recycled timber furniture collection available to decorate your living room.

Strength and durability

When you choose recycled timber furniture, you should also know that the timber has been through multiple seasons making it very strong and dense in comparison to new timber. But, this very property also makes it very hard to work with consuming more labour and time.

Points to remember while shopping for recycled timber furniture

When shopping for recycled timber furniture, the digital world can present some very attractive images. But, you should choose a physical warehouse/showroom. This is very important since shopping for recycled timber furniture should be done with plenty of time at your disposal. This task should never be done in a hurry. Do a thorough research of what to expect and how to choose your recycled timber furniture for the living room. Have loads of patience going through the selection process and be willing to make multiple trips to the showroom when necessary.


When you go shopping for recycled timber furniture, also remember to carry the exact measurement of the space where the furniture will sit in your living room and carry photographs of the room from different angles. This will be a huge help for you and the vendor to make sure that your choice presents a nice fit.

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