Most Popular VR of 2023


Technology is developing at lightning speed and it seems we simply cannot remain content with what we have. And, how can we be, when we have virtual reality within our grasp? Well, we might not have reached the level shown in some Sci-Fi movies, but we are certainly making considerable progress. Virtual Reality headset technology is much more advanced and easily available, making it one of the best techs of 2019.

Types of VR

Before we start talking about the best VR gadgets available, let’s know the difference. Although they seem pretty similar, the VR headsets come in two major variants. There are VR headsets meant for Smartphones and then there are the ones for gaming.

Best gaming VR

Oculus Rift
Oculus with its Rift started as a crowdfunded project and it was the first gadget that introduced us to the true VR experience.


  • Display – OLED display with a combined resolution of 2160 X 1200 pixels. The refresh rate of 90Hz. It comes with Samsung’s PenTile technology that gives a sharper image.
  • Controllers – Oculus touch controllers with an Analogue stick, two face buttons, a grip button, a trigger, and a touchpad on each one.
  • Earphones/Headphones – This VR set has its own headphones attached that offer amazing sound quality, making it a complete package. Moreover, you can get separate earphones as well.
  • Sensors – Oculus Sensors work similarly to the Wii infra-red sensors.

Even though amazing, the Oculus Rift isn’t perfectly compatible with Steam VR. So, those looking forward to trying out every Steam VR game with the Rift might be a bit disappointed.

HTC ViveHTC-Vive-VR-Headset
Arguably the best gaming VR you can lay your hands on at the moment, the HTC Vive comes with a whole lot of features and accessories. The base station is a small cube and can be placed anywhere, and also much more accurate as compared to the Rift. The VR set even comes with a range of extra accessories that enhance user experience.


  • Display – OLED display with a combined resolution of 2160 X 1200 pixels. It has a 90Hz refresh rate and has PenTile technology integrated for better clarity.
  • Controllers – The controller has a trackpad and is highly accurate when it comes to motion detection.
  • SteamVR – the Vive is completely compatible with SteamVR and you can enjoy every game uninterrupted.

The one major downturn in the price. While being a great VR tech, it is also the costliest one available.

Best Smartphone VR

virtual reality headsetThis is indeed one of the best Smartphone VR sets available, provided you own a Samsung Smartphone that is compatible with it. The tech was developed with the help of Oculus and thus comes with the Oculus store that offers better options for gaming as compared to the Google Play Store.

  • Display – The entire display is Smartphone-dependent and hence you will find better results with a high range of Smartphones.
  • Controllers – The headset itself has Home and Back buttons placed quite inconspicuously along with a touchpad. The additional hand-held controller has a single trigger and volume buttons.

While this seems like a great VR, this is only compatible with select models of Samsung Smartphones. So, unless you own one, there is no point in getting this.

VR seemed like a fad that would fade, but quite clearly it isn’t. It is here to stay and certainly will enhance in the future. Just imagine enjoying online games with a VR set and it will feel like you are in a real enjoying a splendid game!

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