5 Parenting Tips for Newborn Baby Care

Newborn Take Care and Cherish

For first-time parents, the first few months with their infant can be chaotic and overwhelming. Everyone will give you conflicting parenting tips on how to care for a newborn kid. It might be difficult to know what recommendations to follow when it comes to baby care. It’s tiring and difficult to care for a baby, but it’s also one of the most lovely and gratifying experiences you’ll ever have.

Here, are a few parenting tips to take care of your newborn:


It is critical to feed the infant on schedule. An infant has to be fed every 2 to 3 hours, so you’ll have to breastfeed her 8-12 times in 24 hours. For the first six months, a newborn should only be fed breast milk. Breast milk is rich in nutrients and antibodies that are necessary for a baby’s survival and growth. At the very least, nurse the infant for 10 minutes. If breast milk is not possible then a doctor-recommended formula should be given. I wouldn’t use a perfect prep formula but would consult a doctor before using any.


Burping is necessary when fed. While eating, babies ingest air, causing gas and colic in their bellies. Burping helps digestion by expelling extra air and reducing spit-ups and stomach colic. With one hand, gently cradle the infant to your chest. Resting the baby’s chin on your shoulder is ideal. You can softly pat and rub the baby’s back till she burps.


Massage is an excellent way to strengthen your relationship with your child. It also helps to ease the baby’s sleep and improves blood circulation and digestion. On your hands, apply a tiny amount of baby oil or lotion. After that, gently and rhythmically stroke her body. When stroking the baby’s body, make eye contact with her and chat with her. Massaging the baby before bathing is good.

How to Hold Your Baby

While holding your baby, it’s critical to support her head and neck with one hand. This is because her neck muscles are not yet strong enough to support her head on their own. Similarly, the backbone continues to develop and strengthen. Only at 3 months of age will the neck be able to support the head on its own. As a result, when caring for a newborn infant, remember to support your baby’s head and neck and follow these parenting tips.

Bath and Cleaning

This is also an important part of baby care. Bath or shower your baby daily in lukewarm water. You can wash their face, hands, foot, neck, diaper area, and bottom. It is recommended to use baby products as baby skin is more soft and sensitive.

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