Emergency Plumbing

5 Plumbing Issues That Call for Emergency Plumbing Services

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Emergency Plumbing

The most uncertain and surprising event in any home is a plumbing issue. Yes, that’s right! Plumbing issues can happen at any time. This is an emergency that will need the attention of a professional emergency plumber.

Of course, you can’t wait for the plumbing company office to open for them to send a plumber. Instead, you have to pick up your phone right away and give a call to a qualified emergency plumber. Now not all plumbing issues can be categorized as emergency plumbing issues. If it’s a small plumbing issue such as a small water leak, it can certainly wait.

But certain issues will be categorized as an emergency if it is affecting your day-to-day life.

Five Issues That Need Emergency Plumbing Services

Before you call an emergency plumber, learn about five issues that can be categorized as emergency plumbing issues.


If you don’t live in a region that is prone to natural floods, flooding in your house can mean severe plumbing issues. Flooding can be caused because of major water leakage, clogged toilet or sink, or backed-up sewer. This issue will need the immediate attention of an emergency plumber. The professional plumber will determine the cause of the flooding and rectify it right away.

Clogged sinks

Usually, a minor clogged sink is not a big issue. If you find that the water is draining slowly, you can use some DIY methods. But if you find that the clogged sink is causing an accumulation of large quantities of water resulting in flooding, reach out to a professional emergency plumber immediately.

Cold showers

Were you just welcomed by a cold shower on a cold winter morning? If yes, this might be either a minor or major problem in your hot water system. You can check the breaker box or see if the pilot light is on. If this still gives you a cold shower, then you must call an emergency plumber. There might be a major issue with your hot water system that might need replacement parts.

Sewer backup

One of the most dreadful plumbing issues, sewer backup is something that no homeowner wants to experience. But if you find clogged sinks, gurgling toilets, and bad sewage odours, you might have sewer backup problems. You must get in touch with an emergency plumber right away. This will ensure that the problem is tackled swiftly.

Clogged toilets

If your toilet has been experiencing problems during a flush or is making weird noises, you can try some DIY tricks. But even if it doesn’t work smoothly, your toilet might be clogged. So, give an emergency plumber a call immediately.

These five issues will certainly need the attention of a professional and qualified emergency plumber.

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