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JW Library App: How to Use Main Features

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JW Library App FeaturesJW Library is a popular app for religious people to read the bible at any time, anywhere. You can access many different language brochures or books with translations of the different bibles with the app. The app JW Library contains multiple versions of the bible. You can study bible related books, articles, and brochures from this app to make your bible study easy.

However, a lot of users do not know how to use the features of the app efficiently. Here this article will give you a quick guide on how to use the main features of the JW library for pc. So, have a read!

Benefits of Using the JW Library

Before moving to the JW library’s main features users let us know the benefits of using this app. Now the question- “What are the benefits I will get?” might come to your mind.  Well, when you download JW Library on your pc or mobile you will get some amazing useful benefits including:

Easy-to-Use Interface

The JW Library app’s user interface is simple; making it easy to use. The developer of the JW library has designed the app using a simple user interface that is easy to understand for all. That is why even if you use it for the first time; you will not feel any inconvenience.

Studying Bible

The main obvious reason for developing this app is to make religious people, as well as regular people, read the bible easily.  If you are a religious person and want to read the bible any time to get spiritual knowledge and peace, this app is for you. You are able to access the app from anywhere at any of your preferred times in order to acquire and grow your knowledge of religion. It means with this app JW library; you can read the bible easier than ever.

Compare Version

The app JW library gives you the ability to compare all the versions of the bible easily. The app has a lot of available versions of the bible. You can simply tap a verse number to compare it with other available versions. Moreover, with the app JW library, you can select authentic and reliable bible translations from a lot. This way, you will not get misled easily by any misleading information; find the authentic one, and start reading.

Easy Search Option

The JW Library app comes with a search option. This search option lets the user search any verse of the bible or other related subject easily. The search option of the JW library makes the job of finding any verse of the bible easier than ever before.

Read Associated Materials

With this app, you can read not only the bible but also get access to several read-associated materials. This app includes a lot of materials related to bible study. For example, several bible studies notes as well as books and brochures are available to gain more knowledge on the bible.

How to Use the Main Features of the JW Library App

The app JW Library is basically designed to read and study the bible. To access the app’s main features tap the buttons that are located in the bar at the screen’s top. The main features of the app include-

  • Home
  • Bible
  • Publications
  • Media
  • Meeting
  • Daily Text

Below for your convenience, we have given a detailed discussion on how to use these features-


The feature Home offers you quick access to the materials that you use or view most often. For example, if you read a Bible or any publication most frequently, it will be on the home page. It will also give quick access to the latest publications and what is in today’s text.


The feature Bible lets you read and install Bible translations. In order to begin reading the bible simply tap your preferred book and then go to a chapter that you want to read. You will also find footnotes, different references, and translations from the Study pane. In order to view different scriptures, you need to simply tap the Bible. Then to return to the Bible books list tap Books.


The feature Publications let a user see different text, audio, and video publications. To start reading an article, tap a publication and then tap your preferred article to read. You can also view cited scriptures from here. To see any verse from the Study pane tap a Bible citation. To go to the verse of the Bible, go to Bible then tap a link from the Study pane. If you want to open different publications simply tap Publications. Then to return to the list of publications tap By Type.


Through the meeting feature of JW Library, you can connect with lots of Live and recorded programs about life and ministry.


The app has a feature called media. Here in this feature, you will get various audio and video lessons. You can also see what you have downloaded here.

Daily Text

The feature Daily Text is located at the screen’s top in the bar. To see what is on today’s texts simply tap on Daily Text.

Last Word

If you want an app that can help you understand the bible’s real meaning and purpose, this app is for you. In this app JW library, you will find different videos, magazines, and articles to enrich your knowledge. The app is designed in such a way that it can satisfy the needs of all religious people and show them the right path.

In short, by all means, this app will help you a lot. And, hopefully, after reading this, you will find the use of the app’s main features easy. However, make sure to keep your device up to date to enjoy all the up-to-date JW Library features!

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