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Safest Way to Buy Followers to Your Social Media Pages

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Followers Social Media Pages

Guessing aside, you are here because you want to know all about the safest way to buy followers to your social media pages. Just as all other social media users googling for best websites to buy Instagram followers, TikTok fans, YouTube subscribers, etc.

I may surprise you but the safest way to buy followers to social media pages is to ask creators you are close with how they get followers. I made an experiment asking 27 niche influencers that I know in real life to fill out my anonymous survey.

At first, nearly all of them turned it down. After all, even your best bud doesn’t like to admit they pay services to deliver social media followers, post likes and views, let alone influencers whose earnings depend on the social image.

I’ve spent 4 good months building bonds with my respondents, monitoring their Insta profiles, Facebook pages, TikTok accounts, YouTube, uhh… I’ve made a list of profiles and pages and jotted down the number of videos and the total number of followers twice a day. I’ve tagged some of them in posts, gone Live together, actively commented, and liked the content.

That was much like the time I spent in Marine Corps back in the day:)

And it paid off. They’ve shared the top 3 best websites that are safest to buy followers for social accounts. This again proves that it is possible to buy followers on TikTok or Instagram avoiding algorithm suspension.

Where to Buy Followers For Your Social Media Pages?

FeedPixel is on top of the influencers’ list. This social media marketplace is known for its range of services, responsive support, and individual approach. For me, it seems to be the safest way to buy followers to your social media pages.

Among the 9 social media platform promotions that a website currently offers are also music platforms for artists – Spotify and SoundCloud. So, the range of what you can buy there is quite impressive.

Another cool thing about this site is its responsiveness. It is equally easy to buy followers for your accounts from a laptop, tablet, or mobile. This may not add anything to safety but speaks of ongoing maintenance and the level of skills of people behind a website. If a service provider puts customers first, why wouldn’t he make sure your personal data is safe? Order privacy and the “no password” policy also contribute to account safety.

FeedPixel Reviewed & Ranked – 4.4

Besides the survey results, I’ve tried a couple of orders myself and checked the reviews on Trustpilot. My first order was for 100 Instagram likes. They started appearing a couple of hours after I placed the order and finished in about an hour or so. By the 5th week, there were no drops, and engagement increased with organic likes and views.

When I tried to buy TikTok followers I had unexpected payment issues and support quickly helped me. About 85% of the followers had avatars and posts and looked like regular users. Also, they were quickly delivered – 2-3 hours at most.

Then, I tried YouTube subs, which came a little later than the mentioned delivery time, and free subs were added as a sorry, as they said. I also checked the reviews about the service on Trustpilot (4.5). Except few, many customers described the service as satisfying and safe social media services.

Overall: 4.4                                                   Service Pricing: from $0.99 USD

Service Quality: 4.0                                     Ease of Use & Ordering: 5.0

Service Speed: 4.0                                       Helpline Support: 5.0

Organic Growth: by about 20-30%              Safety Score (data handling) : 5.0

(depending on the service)

Because I’m not a real FeedPixel customer but rather purchased for my social media experiment, I admit that your experience could be different. But as long as it worked for me and other influencers, I have included it as the safest way to buy followers to your social media pages.

LeoBoost Reviewed and Ranked – 4.1

As mentioned before, my first step was to ask influencers “What is the safest way to buy followers to your social media pages?”. Their replies and rankings put LeoBoost next to FeedPixel. It is a social media promotion platform that sells followers, likes, views, and comments for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and TikTok.

Less varied in terms of platforms, they still cover your basic needs. Of course, if you are a Twitch streamer, you should look elsewhere. Otherwise, LeoBoost gives you a boost:).

I’ve tried the same services here – Instagram and TikTok followers, and YouTube subscribers. Instagram followers came the fastest, in about 6-8 hours after I paid for my purchase. TikTok followers while coming on time, left me wondering if I’ve wanted to get a bunch of faceless folks on my profile 🙁 And when YouTube subscribers came in late, I felt that this service takes longer to deliver in many providers.

Just like with the other two services, the service did not ask for my password or direct access (one of the criteria to name service to be the safest way to buy followers to your social media pages. Although the prices are similar to many other social media services, they are a little bit on the higher end for some users. Now, is the time to rank LeoBoost.

Overall: 4.1                                                   Service Pricing:  from $2.5 USD

Service Quality: 3.5                                     Ease of Use & Ordering: 5.0

Service Speed: 4.5                                       Helpline Support: 5.0

Organic Growth: by about 10-30%              Safety Score: (data handling): 5.0

(vary from service to service);

SMM Company Reviewed and Ranked – 4.0

Unlike the previous two websites, SMM Company is a social media panel that uses automation for order processing and delivery and is faster than other providers. Because social media panels are less known, you may wonder if it is the safest way to buy followers to your social media pages, or not.

I honestly was surprised that 37% of my respondents use SMM Company on a regular basis. So, I decided to check the service myself. What stands out from the first glance is that you have to sign up before you place any orders for your Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, TikTok, or Facebook pages.

When logged in, you use a dashboard to add funds to your wallet and place orders. Video tutorials showed how to use the dashboard to place my first order for 100 Instagram likes. Because of the automated delivery and low pricing (it’s about 20% cheaper than other services), I was a little concerned about the quality, and whether it was safe for my account. So, I bought followers for another account with few posts and likes. 

The whole experience with the ordering and delivery was … a success! I enjoyed the fast delivery (can vary from time to time though), and non-drop likes. Given its pricing and fastest delivery, SMM Company is one of the best websites to buy social media promotion.

Getting used to your dashboard and wallet top-ups (they do not accept payment directly) takes some time, but it is the safest way to buy followers to your social media pages. Although I could not find any reviews on Trustpilot, people who tried the service (myself included) were positive. I also liked the $2 trial fund they added to my wallet, which helped me try it for free.

Overall: 4.0                                                   Service Pricing:  from $0.49 USD

Service Quality: 4.0                                     Ease of Use & Ordering: 3.5

Service Speed: 4.5                                       Helpline Support: 4.0

Organic Growth: by about 10-15%              Safety Score: (data handling): 5.0

(depends on the service)

To Wrap It All

Any service claims to be the safest way to buy followers to your social media pages. But in reality, not every service offers a free trial, requires no password, and is easy to use.  FeedPixel, LeoBoost, and SMM Company seem to be liked by new users and seasoned influencers.

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