Top 7 Luxurious Bathroom Essentials Ideas

Luxurious Bathroom Essentials

As everyone becomes more house proud, every room in the house is becoming increasingly important. No longer can you afford to have a lackluster room, lest it drags down the rest of the house. No more so has this change had an impact than in the bathroom. It has come a long way in the past few years, going from a simply functionary room to a place of pampering and comfort.

With this change comes a wave of decorating decisions. With it being such a busy room, prone to mess, it can be difficult to strike the balance between “luxury” and “functionality”. But there are ways to accomplish both sides of the coin. So here are some points for things you’ll need in your high-end bathroom.

Before we start, we’d like to point out that in order to get the perfect luxury bathroom, every single thing has to be on point. It’s not a case of everything matching, but everything must complement everything else. One loose end could ruin the whole look. This may mean changing a few things, this may mean changing a lot of things – it simply depends on the current state of your bathroom.

Soap Dish / Dispenser

We’ll start with a nice simple item. Soap, be it in liquid or solid form, will be in every bathroom, from the best to the worst. In your luxury bathroom, the goal is to stop it from being left on the side or in the sink, where it looks untidy. If you prefer solid soaps, buy a soap dish in keeping with the rest of your decoration scheme, and preferably one that’s easy to clean so it doesn’t look messy. If you prefer the liquid kind, consider buying your own soap dispenser, instead of leaving the brand’s bottle lying around.

Fragrance Diffusers

Speaking of dispensers, it’s also worth looking into air freshener diffusers. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, a lot of companies have started to release automatic diffusers that look like little ornaments, making them much easier to blend in with the rest of your bathroom accessories. Also, even the most beautiful bathroom is going to smell from time to time – these diffusers work to cover up the smell constantly, even when you aren’t in the room!


Really want to wow your guests? Win them over with towels! Another staple of any bathroom, most towels don’t register in your conscious unless they are threadbare or overly fluffy. So go to town with your choice – the better the material, both in terms of fluffiness and drying power, the better!

Laundry Basket

Now on to some of the bigger items. First and foremost, is the often overlooked laundry basket. This isn’t a piece of furniture that gets to do anything glamourous, harbouring all of your dirty clothes, but that doesn’t mean it has to be basic or unsightly.

There are plenty of smart, modern designs to choose from. you can have baskets suspended on steel racks, with snap-shut lids held closed by magnets. Or ornate wooden ones to match the rest of your wooden furniture. No longer are you at the mercy of old wicker ones!


Getting the right mirror will be difficult, as there are a lot of avenues you can explore. There are big, ornate ones, to little steel framed ones. Stationary mirrors to mirrored cupboards with speakers in them. Really, it all comes down to which matches your interior style better. The mirror is often a focal point of a bathroom, so choose it late on in the decorating process so it compliments everything around it.

Heated Toilet Seat

Simply put, no one wants to sit on a cold toilet seat. This can be a little unfair – you could have a perfect, on-point bathroom, but a user may still come away with a negative experience simply because the in-wall cistern toilets are cold. That’s not your fault, but there is a way to combat it nonetheless. Heated toilet seats are fairly inexpensive, and may become a staple in your bathroom for years to come once you enjoy the benefits!

Power Shower

Finally, the height of bathroom luxury. A big bathtub is another essential, but how big you can go will depend on the size of your bathroom. But everyone can incorporate a power shower. They are the ultimate way to relax, unwind, and feel 100% clean after a long day, without becoming overindulgent.

Be warned though, with all of this luxury, you may find your guests never want to leave!

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