Action Games on Smartphones to Play

Top 6 Action Games on Smartphones to Play in 2024

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Action Games on Smartphones to Play

Once upon a time, people do not have smartphones and PCs. They just play video games on their video gaming console. But everybody cannot afford it because it was expensive and you also have to purchase video games cassettes and DVDs for each game. You require a TV screen and speaker to watch and listen to it.

But now the time has changed, and you don’t need to buy gaming consoles. You can play and enjoy the video gaming experience on mobile phones. You can download the trending games for free or paid and start playing them anytime and anywhere. These games are very interesting and have high-quality resolutions. Nowadays, smartphone makers also consider gaming users while making smartphones.

You may need a high-configuration smartphone for playing heavy games like action and adventure games. Action games improve problem-solving skills, enhance hand-to-eye coordination, remove boredom, faster decision-making, have multi-tasking ability, and better eyesight. Most downloaded action games from the Google play store and Apple Store are action games. But for some video games like Star Wars, Sim City 3000, and Counter-Strike, you can only play on PCs.

Best Action Games to Play on Smartphones in 2024

Following are the top six action games that people like to play on their mobile phones.

Garena Free Fire

Free Fire game is a multiplayer battle royale mobile game, published, and developed by Garena for iOS and Android users. It had become the most favorite and downloaded mobile phone game worldwide in 2019. Free Fire game had surpassed 150m daily active players on Android and iOS smartphones.

Among Us

Among Us is launched in 2018 as an online multiplayer social deduction action game designed, built, and published by the Innersloth. Among Us was inspired by the film The Thing and the party game Mafia. Among Us, the game had 60 million daily active users from Android and iOS smartphones.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty has been running on the top for two decades. Call of Duty game was published by Activision but developed by Infinity. Why is this game still so popular globally? Because it is fast-paced, easy to pick up and play, competitive, and keeps you coming back with unlockables. There are 210 million actively playing users Call of Duty.

Stumble Guys

This massive multi-player action and party knockout game has up to thirty-two online players. it is an online battle game with millions of active users. It is an entertaining, jump run, and dash to the finished game.

Mini World

This 3D free sandbox action game is about exploration, adventure, and creating dream worlds. There is no leveling up and grinding. You can create and develop anything you can imagine, a home, castle, apartment, or even a small city of your own. Mini World game is popular worldwide with 400 million players.


PUBG mobile phone is a free-to-play battle royale video, action, and adventure game developed by Quantum Studio and LightSpeed. This game was initially released for Android and iOS in 2018. PUBG positions on the second number in the world gaming list with 1,270 million players. However, the PUBG game is banned in some countries like India, China, Pakistan, and Jordan because of privacy issues and addiction to this game.

These top 6 action games on smartphones that you can play to boost your royal gaming experience.

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