What is a Brad-Point Drill Bit – Choose the Right One

Brad-Point Drill Bit

A Brad-point bit is a specific type of drill that has been configured for boring into wood. The brad present at the focal point of the bit tip helps in positioning the bit properly for precise drilling with the centering tip helps in producing a clean exit point in the wood. There are large flutes too, which help in removing the excess material during drilling and prevent debris from clogging the hole. The sharp cutting spurs produce tear-free holes. This drill bit is used for drilling clean holes in soft and hardwood.

Types of Brad Point Drill Bits

There are diverse sets of wood available in the market and for that, we have distinctive types of Brad Point Drill Bits accordingly.

For Softwoods – The bits designed for softwoods have round edges to hold down the end grains at the time of drilling.

For Hardwoods – In the case of hardwoods, the outlining spurs of the bit come to a sharp point which simply cuts the stronger grains off.

When choosing a drill bit or accessory, you should make sure that the drill bit is compatible with the material you’re drilling as well as with the tool you’re utilizing.

Advantages of Brad Point Bit Drill over other drills

  • Brad Point bits can drill clean & neat holes in wood with precision.
  • They are flexible and can be used to drill an extensive range of materials.
  • They can drill deeper into the material with less tear-out on the other side.
  • They are useful for making a partial flat-bottom hole.


  • The brad point must be kept stable to avoid irregular drilling.
  • They are more expensive than regular twist drill bits.

Brad-point Bits vs Regular Bits

Regular bits can tear wood grain because the outer edges are not pointed and sharp like a brad-point drill bit

Brad-point Bits vs Spade Bits

Brad-point bits are considered to be much more stable than spade bits, although spade bits are made in much wider diameters as compared to Brad Point bits which means stability can be much more of an issue.

Brad-point Bits vs Forstner Bits

Brad-point bits are usually smaller in diameter & cut much more quickly as compared to Forstner bits. On the contrary, Forstner bit lips cut off much more material in one go because of the large diameter.

Brad-point Bits vs Auger Bits

Guide screws present on auger bits pull them through the wood during drilling. On the other hand, the brad-point bits are comparatively much easier to control. Also, Brad-point bits are generally smaller in diameter as compared to an auger.

In light of the above knowledge, you would be able to select the proper drill bit as per your needs.

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