7 Things to Replace and Add During A Bathroom Remodel

Replace Add During Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling often seems more demanding than it actually is. It is mainly because most people don’t start this project with a clear plan of what they want to achieve. Proper planning allows you to complete your bathroom remodeling project exactly how you want.

Deciding about things to add and remove during the bathroom renovation project is an integral part of planning. For instance, your bathroom might need wallpaper replacement due to mold growth. This can especially be the case in areas like Schaumburg, where the weather is usually warm and wet in the summers, and mold growth might be common. During summer, the temperature in Schaumburg can soar to the mid-80sF, creating perfect conditions for mold growth.

If you are contemplating a bathroom renovation, below is a list of things you can replace or incorporate in your bathroom to make it more functional and modern.

1. Replace the chipped and broken floor

Whether a small spot or the whole floor, a chipped floor can cause your bathroom to lose its aesthetic value. Replacing the chipped and broken bathroom floor becomes urgent when it starts hurting its users.  A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to pay attention to this problem.

While you’re at it, you can also inspect the grout and caulking in those parts of the bathroom where the tiles are not cracked. Gaps between the tiles provide a safe passage for water to seep into the ground or invite a mold problem if your bathroom doesn’t have one yet. Improving the floor of your bathroom enhances its appeal while ensuring it is a safe space for all its users.

2. Add a bathroom vanity

This is where you get ready in the morning or perform your skincare before bedtime; therefore, ensuring it meets your needs is crucial. Bathroom remodeling is the perfect time to refresh the existing one or add a new one.

If you already have a vanity space that is outdated or does not meet your needs, you can upgrade the existing one. For instance, you can add storage space, install a new mirror, bring innovative accessories, repair the damaged spots, replace the faucets, and so on. In addition, you can also give a fresh look to your vanity by applying a fresh coat of paint in the same or contrasting palette as the rest of the bathroom.

But if you have a simple basin instead of a vanity, it’s time to add a modern vanity that aligns with your needs. If you’ve got ample space, consider installing a shelf near the vanity to add more storage space for toiletries and other bathroom essentials.

3. Add a new bathtub

Bathtubs become outdated due to constant use, requiring repair or replacement. A new bathtub can instantly renew the feel and look of your bathroom.

With the right expertise, you can install a new bathtub by yourself. But without the right skills, DIYing a bathtub installation can be expensive, damaging other fixtures, such as the toilet, vanity, walls, and floor. The cost of DIYing bathroom renovation going wrong can have a greater impact in a place like Schaumburg, where living costs are much higher than the National Average (26% higher). You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a risky remodeling project and pay more to a remodeling company later. Hence, it is better to hire professional remodelers from the start. To get an idea of the Schaumburg bathroom remodeling cost, you can contact a reliable remodeling company through their website and request a free quote. Who knows, you might even qualify for a big discount on your project.

The biggest benefit of a professional bathroom remodeling company is that they value your time and complete the project swiftly.

4. Change the look of your bathroom’s cabinets

Another potential bathroom remodeling project is giving a new look to bathroom cabinets. If your bathroom looks cramped, it might be because the cabinets are over-used. Applying a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color can be a great way to rejuvenate the look of bathroom cabinets.

Light and reflective colors such as white, light gray, or soft beige make the bathroom look more spacious by reflecting light. On the contrary, opt for a vibrant color if you want a distinct personal touch.

5. Apply wallpaper

Consider adding wallpaper on one of the walls in the bathroom to give it a modern look. The biggest advantage of wallpapers is their availability in various styles, patterns, and colors, offering endless options to design a bathroom of your choice.

If your bathroom has light hues, you can either choose an energetic complementary color for making a statement wall or a subtle pattern and color for a more minimalist look.

6. Add new lights

Lighting can significantly impact the atmosphere and ambiance of your bathroom. A dimly lit bathroom makes a grooming and cleaning regime difficult. It may also make the atmosphere dull.

So, if that’s also the case with your bathroom, a remodeling project is a great opportunity to enhance its brightness by adding modern lighting options.

Use lights innovatively and correctly to create an illusion of spaciousness, making the space feel airier and more welcoming.

You can illuminate your bathroom with natural as well as artificial lighting options. To bring natural light into the room, add a big window or install a couple of skylights.

7. Install mirrors

While better lighting plays its part in making the bathroom look spacious and brighter, the same is also true about mirrors. This is a simple yet very powerful addition to any bathroom, which enhances its aesthetic value and functionality.

You will most likely have a mirror hanging on one of the bathroom walls or above the vanity, but it does not necessarily have to be the only mirror.

Here are some ideas to add more than one mirror to your bathroom:

  • If you have a large vanity, instead of hanging one big mirror in the center, go for two to allow maximum light reflection.
  • Another idea is to opt for mirror cabinets that serve a dual purpose: offering storage space and a reflective surface.


Remodeling a bathroom can be very exciting if you already have a plan of what you want to add or remove from the space. With a clear idea, you can envision the final layout and décor and work actively to achieve the goal. Some things you can add or remove from your bathroom when remodeling are mentioned above. These ideas can be a great starting point when planning a bathroom remodel.

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