Career Choices – Top 6 Reasons to Consider Becoming an Engineer


One of the hardest things you will ever do in life is choosing a career path. You may know from a young age where your future lies, or it may not be until you’re in early adulthood that you realize what your passions are.

If you’ve ever considered engineering as a career path, but you’re not sure if the realities of this line of work are really for you, the following information should give you a clearer picture. 

Varied Work

In some industries, you perform the same tasks day in, day out. While some people thrive on routine and certainty, others prefer work in which new opportunities and challenges arise every day.

In engineering, variety is almost a guarantee. One month, you could be developing an idea in front of a computer screen. A few weeks later, you could be visiting a construction site, solving a complicated problem, and saving the day.

Excellent Pay

Even entry-level engineers can enjoy high salaries that allow them to live comfortable lifestyles. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median annual wage for an engineer is $91,010. The top 10% in a variety of engineering fields can also earn upwards of $150,000. The more skilled you become, the more you can earn. This can be a powerful motivator, encouraging you to continually upskill and move through the engineering ranks.

Opportunities for Advancement

Though becoming an engineer takes dedication, hard work, and plenty of training, it’s a limitless industry. The harder you work, the more skills you earn; and the more passion you have, the more opportunities may head your way.

Engineers and engineering consultants are needed in all manner of industries, which means you can branch out, move from sector to sector, and progress faster than you may have imagined.

Travel Opportunities

At least 12% of airline passengers are made up of business travelers. Go for a career as an engineer, and you could be one of them because engineering skills are in hot demand around the world.

If you’ve ever had dreams of traveling the world, there’s every reason to believe you can be traveling and making money simultaneously by becoming an engineer.


Many career types are limited to one industry. For example, if you’re in the farming sector, your skills wouldn’t be transferable to the medical or tourism industries. Engineering works a little differently.

While you may start out in construction, your skills can take you to many other sectors, so long as you have a qualification to suit. If you ever get bored of one sector, you can simply refine your skills to move into another.

Job Security

Regardless of the industry they’ve chosen to pursue, many students worry about whether it’s still going to be in demand in the future. Unfortunately, history tells us this fear is valid, with jobs like human alarm clocks and bowling alley pinsetters now redundant.

That’s unlikely to be the case with engineers. As infrastructure becomes more complex, engineers are more in demand than ever before. Indeed, there’s a widely reported shortage of skilled engineers in the job market today. This means that even if you’re made redundant at one company, you will likely pick up another job within days.

If you’re a full-time worker who would like to work part-time and earn a diploma, our engineering diplomas for working professionals program is the right fit. These part-time programs offer the essential skills and knowledge required to enter the industry.

From advancement opportunities and a desirable pay packet to travel, freedom, and more, there are plenty of reasons why an engineering career could be worthwhile. If you haven’t yet thought about your future job prospects, now might be the right time to start looking at where engineering could take you.

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