Outdoor Hot Tubs

Top Landscaping Ideas for Outdoor Hot Tubs

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If you have finally pulled the trigger and purchased the outdoor hot tub you have been dreaming about for years, you are probably eager to have it installed and start soaking in it. But, what kind of outdoor hot tub landscaping ideas should you consider?

Carefully thinking about the landscaping surrounding your hot tub will go a long way into creating a more enjoyable experience for your soaks. Take the opportunity to turn your backyard into a peaceful and inspiring oasis that can refresh and recharge your body, mind, and spirit each day.

Outdoor Hot Tubs

Keep reading below to find the top tips and landscaping ideas for outdoor hot tubs.

Prioritize Privacy

If you really want this space to be tranquil and peaceful, having privacy is essential. It is ideal to approach the design concept with maintaining privacy in mind.  Let’s be honest, you do not want the neighbors spying while you are trying to relax.

Here are some ideas are both stylish and create privacy.

  • Surround your hot tub with a vibrant and dense garden: This way you not only increase your privacy but you give a touch of life to your spa space.
  • Add structural elements: From a pergola with curtains to wooden walls with decorative plants such as climbing vines or roses, these elements increase privacy and add elegance.
  • Bushy plants over the fence: Are the real deal if your neighbor’s house is too close, these enhance the height of the fence, offering you some extra privacy while decorating the perimeter.

Focus on the Design

The color and texture of your hot tub should be incorporated and blended into the natural environment for a seamless, yet stunning look. The decision in your design process should be whether you want your hot tub area to feel open and spacious or quaint and cozy. For a spacious look, choose small plant features which can be scattered and are easy to contain. For a cozy look, select full-size plants that can be tucked near the hot tub perimeter.

Also play off the color and texture of your hot tub to choose foliage, patio chairs and other accents that will complement or contrast and make a statement. Remember, that while you want to personalize your spa area, you also want it to match your existing landscape.

Landscaping Ideas for Outdoor Hot Tubs

Starting from scratch? If your backyard is a clean slate you could try one of these outdoor hot tub landscaping ideas:

  • Combine a hot tub with a solid finish in gray tones with a natural environment decorated with plants in red and green tones, covered by a pergola of bamboo, oak or palm.
  • If your hot tub is a larger model and your house is far enough from the neighbors, you can leave the area a little more open and maintain landscaping in light tones with some smaller shrubs to create a barrier.
  • Returning to the theme of pergolas, a pergola in maple wood with a grain finish, combined with billowing white curtains can create a peaceful or romantic environment for your hot tub space. Add an outdoor fire pit for the perfect mood lighting and finishing touch.

No matter how you choose to landscape around your hot tub, you will always enjoy taking a therapeutic and relaxing soak surrounded by fresh air. A little landscaping design just makes it more enjoyable and makes your backyard become staycation worthy.

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