Top Reasons Why Choose a Tungsten Ring?


Rings made with tungsten have seen a remarkable surge in popularity over recent years, for both men and women alike. Have you ever wondered why tungsten is so in demand, and if it could be the ring for you?

Tungsten is Remarkably Strong

In terms of tensile strength, tungsten is the strongest metal of all. 10 times harder than 18k gold and 5 times harder than steel, a ring made with tungsten is super strong and durable.

A tungsten ring will remain pristine and show no signs of wear and tear. This is why tungsten is so popular with people who work with their hands or live active lifestyles.

With a tungsten ring, there is no need to take it off. Its strength and durability mean that it is strong enough to keep wearing no matter what you are doing.

Superior Scratch Resistance

Being such a strong metal, tungsten is incredibly hard. This is what provides it with such phenomenal scratch resistance. Metals can only be scratched by another material that is harder than itself.

Since tungsten is one of the hardest materials around, it cannot be scratched by much else. The only thing that could scratch your tungsten ring is diamond – the hardest material on earth.

Unique Designs

There is a wonderful range of choices in terms of styles of tungsten rings.
Styles include traditional gold and silver wedding bands and contemporary rings that incorporate different colours, finishes, grooves, and inlays.

For an inspirational range of designs for men’s tungsten rings, head to newman bands

With a stunning range of choices, they also offer a free ring sizer if you need one, as well as free exchanges until you have the perfect fitting ring.

Some tungsten ring designs include natural materials as part of the ring design – such as wood, shell, or naturally shed deer antler bone. Set within tungsten, you can have a stunningly beautiful ring set within robust, incomparably strong, and durable tungsten.

Wearing a Ring made with Tungsten

As you may imagine, being such a strong metal, tungsten is weighty. A ring made with tungsten feels sturdy and solid. Some people love this about their ring as it provides a feeling of importance and strength.

Other people may prefer a more lightweight metal such as titanium. It is worth noting that like tungsten, titanium is also incredibly strong, offers excellent scratch resistance, and yet is remarkably light.

How about Rust or Tarnishing?

Highly resistant to corrosion, a tungsten ring will not tarnish or rust. No matter your lifestyle or what you put your ring through, it will remain in the most perfect condition.

Resizing a Tungsten Ring

It is important to note that a tungsten ring cannot be resized. It is crucial to get the perfect fit with a tungsten ring as there can be no resizing at a later date.

You can use a ring sizer to get an accurate measurement of your ring size. It is worth using the ring sizer several times as your finger can swell in the heat and become smaller when cold.


As well as being affordable, tungsten rings offer supreme durability and scratch resistance. There is no need to worry about damaging or scratching your ring. And as well as this, tungsten rings are available in a huge array of styles and colours, as well as in more traditional gold, silver, and rose gold. There is a tungsten ring out there for everybody, traditional and contemporary alike.

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