Ultimate Checklist House Renovation

Ultimate Checklist for House Renovation or Home Improvement Project

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Ultimate Checklist House Renovation

Is your home in need of a renovation or home improvement project? If so, there are a few things you should do before starting work. As with most projects, a little forethought during house renovation can save you a lot of time and money. Also, it’s good to prevent problems because they can sometimes require more time and effort to fix than to avoid them in the first place.

You need to think about things like design, permits, materials, insurance and other things. So today I have for you a home improvement checklist of things that you need to think about before you begin any project of your own. My checklist will help you to organise your thoughts and make sure you cover all the bases.

My ultimate checklist for home improvement projects

1. Work out your budget

You have to work out your budget before you begin any project, and it’s even more important in home improvement projects. You need to plan ahead because the money you spend and the time you invest will be critical. You don’t want to start a major project only to discover that you don’t have enough money. So for major projects like installing kitchen cabinets, installing a new roof or replacing flooring – I always do my budget first.

2. Make a decision: DIY or hire contractors?

Sometimes there is no easy answer – it depends on the project and your budget and available time. Sometimes you have to decide between a contractor, who costs more but promises quick results, or doing the work yourself – which can save you money in the long run. But if you do decide to hire someone else, make sure they’re the right choice for you and your family, and truly understands your project. Family-run builders like Watara Homes would be more than willing to help.

3. Check your house integrity

Safety of your home is an important factor to consider before you start any project. It is always better to be safe than saying sorry. For example, contractors may tell you that your house is “dug too deep” or an “unsafe slope” and refuse to work on it, so don’t forget to inspect these things for yourself first.

4. Check your roofs

Check your roof for any potential problems. If it’s old, consider replacing it. You don’t want to start a roof replacement project only to discover that you have a leak and your ceiling is destroyed, you need to stop work immediately. Checking your roof and replacing it early can save you a lot of trouble later on.

5. Check your painting

Painting is not hard, but it’s always better to check it before you begin. You don’t want to start your painting project in the middle of a job only to discover that you have a major problem or need a professional painter’s attention.

6. Check your fixtures and fittings

You need to find out what kind of plumbing or electrical fixtures and fittings you have. You don’t want to replace one fitting only to find that you have another that is not compatible with it. Don’t get in the middle of a job, only to discover your mistake and then have to stop working and start over again.

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