Buying Shower System

What to Consider When Buying a Shower System?

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Buying Shower System

A good and relaxing shower plays a critical role in ensuring your physical as well as mental health. However, you can only have an enjoyable shower experience if you choose the best shower system according to your bathroom. Therefore, whether you are designing a new bathroom or remodeling it, a shower system is an integral part of your bathroom.

Besides this, showers, when compared with bathtubs, use less water and energy and are safer and more convenient to use. Therefore, showers possess critical significance to ensure adequate functioning of your bathroom.  

To ensure a relaxing shower experience that is neither icy nor scorching, Wellfor has compiled an easy-to-understand buying guide for shower systems. 

Buying Guide for Shower System

To have the best shower system for your bathroom, you must take into account these factors

1. Shower Size

The first point to remember is the size of the shower. Always keep in mind that not all types or sizes of showers will fit adequately to the size and layout of your bathroom. 

Whether you are looking for a vast or small shower size, you should always be very careful about all measurements, as even a tiny alteration in plumbing can be expensive and time-consuming. 

2. Bathroom Layout

Showers come in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, the bathroom layout is the next thing to consider before buying showers. 

You should carefully measure the space that you intend to dedicate to the shower system and assess whether this space will be enough for the shower system you plan to purchase. 

3. Shower Style

Do you want to style your bathroom traditionally or give stylish vibes to it? Whatever style you choose, the first thing that you should think about and assess carefully is whether the chosen style suits the dimensions and size of your bathroom or not. Moreover, it is also essential to question whether the chosen style has affected bathroom usage positively or not. 

So, rather than copying any style, it is always better to style your bathroom differently according to the available space. 

If you need clarification about how to style your bathroom shower, Wellfor has numerous options, ranging from traditional stylish to contemporary designs. 

4. Shower Position

Have you decided where to position the shower in your bathroom? If not, then it is a significant factor. Imagine that if you position the shower randomly in your bathroom, it will disturb the entire bathroom’s dynamics and functionality. 

As a rule of thumb, you should always position the shower where its water can be used optimally, and water pipes are easily accessible. 

5. Shower Height

The shower height is also a critical factor to ponder when buying and installing a shower system. For instance, if you plan to employ a shower head in a fixed position, it will look stylish, but in that case, you should consider the height carefully. 

On the other hand, if you are interested in using moveable shower heads, then height may be acceptable, as the user can adjust it accordingly. Whichever type, style, or size of shower you choose, comfort is the primary thing to consider when choosing a shower system for your bathroom.

6. Water Pressure

Once you have decided on the shower size and type and confirmed its coherence with the bathroom layout, the next thing to ponder is the water pressure in your home. This factor will further help you to decide whether you have chosen the right shower system for your bathroom or not. 

For instance, if you have low water pressure at your home, then an electric shower can be a good choice. On the other hand, if the water pressure is high, then the mixer shower will work perfectly. So, considering these factors will make your purchase worthwhile. 

7. Valve Type

In shower systems, there are two options: a thermostatic shower valve and a pressure balance valve. A pressure valve refers to a valve in which a single handle regulates both the temperature and volume of water. Conversely, the thermostatic valve possesses two handles, i.e., one handle regulates the temperature of water, whereas the other handle controls the volume of water. 

In most cases, the thermostatic valve is preferred over a pressure valve as it helps to alter the flow volume while upholding a similar temperature. So, if you do not need any variation in water temperature, specifically if elderly individuals or children are using the bathroom, then this valve must be your choice. 

8. Power

If you are purchasing an electric shower to balance the low pressure of water at your home, consider how powerful you want your shower system to be. If you want a shower system that can uphold a persistent flow of hot water for a longer time, then you will need a motor with a high-power rating. 

In that case, a power shower is good to go as it has an in-built pump that ensures a persistent water flow, especially if the bathroom shower operates with a gravity-led water supply. 

No matter whether you want a perfect solution to mix hot and cold water to acquire the optimum temperature or want to address the issue of low water pressure at your home, the power shower is the best option. 

9. Price

Another critical factor that plays a determining role in deciding on choosing shower type and style is price. Wellfor offers shower systems of varying prices ranging from $169 to $531.


After considering all of the aforementioned factors, you will surely find the best shower system that will add value to your bathroom at the price that suits your pocket.  

In conclusion, the shower system is the most important part of your bathroom, and you should buy it carefully after considering all critical factors. 

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