Benefits Split System Air Conditioning

7 Benefits of Split System Air Conditioning

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Benefits Split System Air Conditioning

There is nothing quite like cooling off under the blasting air conditioner on a hot summers day. The feeling is bliss, until you get your electricity bill. Cooling your home can be an expensive exercise.
With so many different air conditioning options available on the Australian market, it can be an overwhelming decision deciding what is best for your space. The challenge is trying to find the perfect solution that ticks all the boxes and fits in your budget.

The main things things we recommend you consider when purchasing your cooling solution are:

  • Reliability
  • Visual appeal
  • Cooling capacity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Price
  • Noise level

Split systems are the preferred choice for most air conditioning solutions, not only because of their simple and streamline design, but because of the heating and cooling efficiency. Who doesn’t love an air conditioning solution that is suitable all year round.

Read more about why we recommend installing a split system air conditioner in your home this summer:

1. Split systems heat and cool spaces very quickly and offer a variety of extra features from your remote. These include timers, humidity controls etc. allowing you to obtain ideal conditions in your home all year round.

2. Split systems deliver warm or cool air only in the spaces where it’s needed and when it’s needed, saving you money on your electricity bills year round.

3. Split systems are cost-effective to install. Split system units come in a range of wall-mounted or compact floor standing units that are designed to discreetly blend into your home. Installation of split systems are a lot more flexible than other air conditioners, meaning it will require minimal modification to your home. Minimal modification means quick and affordable installation.

4. Split systems are low maintenance. You can easily clean the filters of your split systems, meaning installer call-outs and cleaning fees are not necessary.

5. Split systems have evolved over the years and are now quieter than ever. This makes them quiet enough for installation in bedrooms, classrooms, living rooms, even libraries.

6. Almost all split systems have heating and cooling capabilities, meaning you can use the one system all year long.

7. Many split systems will purify the air, so that dust and allergens are not circulated through your home.

These benefits will help you choose a split system over window air conditioning. You can explore multiple split air system options in your local store, consult with air conditioning shepparton for supply and installation or check online. You should always choose an air conditioner from the top trusted brands.  

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