Why Changing Tables are better than Changing Pads?


Babies are precious. They bring joy into our lives and provide us with a sense of meaning and purpose. But until they get to a certain age, they are unable to do anything for themselves and are very fragile. So while something like changing diapers might seem like it doesn’t require much thought, the opposite is the case.

The Diaper Changing Process:

Babies use multiple diapers every single day. This means that till you potty-train your baby, you’ll have to find the most comfortable and effective options available.

It is important to find a place where you can comfortably change your child’s diapers. The two most popular options are the changing pad and the changing table. As stated earlier, you will want to go with the most effective option. This article will be explaining why the changing table is a much better option than the changing pad.

Changing Table Vs Changing Pad:

The difference between the changing table and the changing pad might not be obvious but there is quite a difference. The storage set-up and the top surface design are the two areas where the changing pad and changing table mostly differ.

Changing tables have storage spaces that can be accessed easily. They also have a sufficient amount of space that enables you to keep all the needed baby items. Everything from extra diapers to diaper cream can be kept in a changing table’s storage space.

This is not to say that changing pads don’t have storage space, they do. However, the design isn’t functional and is now suited for keeping clothes than baby items.

Changing tables have raised edges with space for you to place a pad that will help make sure your baby stays in place and isn’t at risk of falling off. There are even changing tables that come with straps that help hold your baby in place.

Pads are flat and don’t have raised edges. They are definitely not the safest option for your child.

Changing tables have designs that are convenient. They can be mounted onto a wall or kept free-standing. The wall-mounted changing tables can be folded down or filed straight out. This is useful because it means you can change your baby straight on rather than having to change them sideways. Changing tables come in so many styles and designs that you are bound to find the perfect changing table for your baby. On the other hand, changing pads have very limited designs and the ones that are available are not exactly ideal.

Another great advantage of a changing table is that there are so many options available that even if you don’t have much space in your house, you’ll still be able to find one that fits your home. There are no location restrictions. The table can be attached to any surface. You can install it in your child’s nursery or in the living room, bathroom, anywhere really. It all depends on you.

Changing tables are also very stable and you won’t have to worry about your baby rolling off or the table collapsing. They are made from a variety of materials that you can choose for. This not only works for efficiency, but you can also choose a design that goes well with your home. Additionally, due to the storage space that comes with the changing table, there is no need to install a shelf next to it to keep baby items.

Final Thoughts

Changing pads are quite useful but they come with a host of disadvantages that should not be overlooked, especially since there’s the option of purchasing a changing table instead. For reasons of safety, convenience, and resourcefulness, changing tables are clearly a better option for your baby and your home.

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