Professional Dog Grooming

Why It’s Important to Use a Professional Dog Grooming Service

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Professional Dog Grooming

Whether your furry friend is sporting the long, silky mane of a Yorkshire Terrier or has the clipped, no-nonsense hair of a Doberman Pinscher, grooming is an important part of owning a dog. A good dog grooming routine includes more than just a bath and haircut. Your pooch’s nails need to be clipped, any mats should be removed, their teeth need to be brushed, and any number of other things might be necessary to accommodate your dog’s unique needs.

Proper grooming keeps your dog healthy and happy. It doesn’t hurt that they smell better afterward, too! Some of the tasks can be difficult to handle alone, especially if you have a dog who is not keen on participating. Veterinarians and professional dog groomers can get the job done efficiently, and safely, and you and your dog will both be grateful for their skill.

Their Equipment is Better

What sort of dog grooming equipment do you have at home? Whatever it is, it’s unlikely that it will match up to what you’d find anywhere that professional dog grooming takes place.

If your dog isn’t fond of the whole grooming process, it’s made easier with the special washing stations that professional groomers have on hand. It allows them to direct the dogs and keep them from jumping away or otherwise interfering too badly with the process.

They’ll also have a range of clippers and tools to let them create different hairstyles or safely remove mats without injuring the dog. Not to mention the nail clipping, which can be a nightmare for pet owners.

They have Seen It All

Professional groomers and veterinarians both see all sorts of dogs every day. They know when to adjust to the dog and are accustomed to soothing them or using different equipment to get them to comply with the grooming process.

Aside from catering to a dog’s individual temperament, professional groomers are also trained to handle aspects of grooming that most people don’t do, like expressing glands.

More Dog Brooming Advantages

It helps to maintain better hygiene and smell, check and treat fleas, early detection of any health and skin issues, and reduces the chances of ear and skin infections, trimming nails reduces the risk of scratching and developing bone deformations and bad posture, removes dead fur, detection of bumps, lumps, and wounds, and healthy and shiny hair and gets rid of shedding & ticks.

Final Thoughts

The answer is yes if you’re wondering whether you should schedule a professional for your dog grooming needs! Your dog deserves the best, especially for something as important as grooming.

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