Problems Girls Face After Marriage

10 Problems Girls Have To Face After Marriage

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Marriage is a beautiful thing that happens to women’s and men’s life. The marriage begins a new journey in everyone’s life. It brings a lot of joy, excitement, and happiness, but it also brings new challenges and problems. Especially women have to face new responsibilities, adjustment difficulties, and family issues after marriage. Undoubtedly, you can say the second part of life starts after the wedding. It is a different experience from early bachelorhood.

Not every newlywed girl needs to face the following challenges: It all depends on how your in-law’s family and you deal with each other after getting married.

Causes of Marriage Problems That Faced by Newly Married Girls

As per my own experience and watching my surroundings, these 10 problems that girls have to face after getting married are:

1. Girls Have to Leave Parents Home:

After taking birth in the parent’s home and living years with them, girls have to leave their parent’s home. This is the most difficult and first problem that a girl has to face after marriage. It is not easy to leave your parent’s home for the rest of your life. It is a very tough time in a woman’s life. They miss her and remind their parents every day when she gets married.

2. Adjustment Issues with In-Law Family

Now when she has arrived at the in-law’s house, the girl has to build new relationships and adjust with the husband, father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, cousins, nieces, nephews, and more family members. It is not easy to put herself from a comfortable zone to a new or known family environment. Girls have no worries, less work, and less stress at their parent’s homes but now she needs to adopt new responsibilities and duties at her in-law’s house. That’s why a new girl has to compromise and adjust to her in-law’s family.

3. Changes in the Habits

Married women also have to change their habits, such as their daily work and sleeping routines; they can’t show their anger; they cannot make major decisions alone; and they have to change their dress-up, loaded with jewelry and makeup. Girls have to look beautiful after marriage and stay busy all the time. Now she is no longer able to say “single.”.

4. Taunt for the Work That You Can’t Do

So finally spending 3 to 6 months at my in-laws’ home, the next step starts with taunting and arguments. You may see this culture in every joint or small family where you live with the husband’s parents. Mostly mother-in-law taunts about the work a girl could not do such as kitchen work, home cleaning, washing clothes, sleeping more, not wearing the right clothes, wandering too much, not taking care of his parents, etc.

5. Restrictions

In some families, a husband or his parents do not allow a newly married girl to go outside the home alone or with her friends to parties and markets without their permission. The women have to ask about every little thing before doing it. The newly married girl has to live with restrictions and tolerate the in-law’s behavior.

6. Dowry Demands

As we all know about the dowry system, which goods and cash a girl brings with her. But some greedy families want more dowry after marriage. They tease and taunt the girls. Every day we listen to the news about the attack on girls or suicide by married girls due to dowry demand in the newspaper and TV channels. So I will suggest that you don’t get married in those families that demand dowry. India reports the highest total number of dowry cases every year.

7. Domestic Violence

It is also known as domestic abuse, beating, or intimate partner violence in which the abuser can torture their partner verbally, physically, psychologically, emotionally, or sexually. Men admit they have mentally or physically abused their wives. The husbands try to dominate their wives after marriage. Domestic violence comes to be seen more frequently in low-income families or the person who takes the drug. As per UN Women estimate “35% of women worldwide have experienced physical and sexual violence”.

8. Female Foeticide

Another chapter starts in life when you do family planning. We live in a world where men dominate over women. Our society gives more preference to boys than girls. The thought leads to female foeticide, which comes to light after marriage. Most families want their first or second child to be a boy. So the family forced the girls to check up to see what was in their womb. If the fetus’s gender is a girl, then she has to have an abortion. Asian countries have this problem more than Western countries.

9. Love and Arrange Marriage Issue

Love or Arrange, both marriage types have their own pro and cons. If you had a love marriage then you may have to face cast & religious discrimination, societal and family taunts, false impressions, and money-related problems. In an arranged marriage, you have to be forced to live with someone whom you do not know, excessive expenditure, and in-law family looks opposition.

10. Balance in Personal and Professional Life

If you are a working woman, then you will need to keep a balance in your personal and professional lives. This is another challenge in marriage life. You will have to wake up early in the morning, make breakfast for the whole family, get ready for your office, and then come back home and start working here again. It becomes very difficult and stressful when you have to work in the office and at home as well.

Find Solutions Marriage Problems

How Do You Find a Solution to Your Marriage Problems?

So a woman’s marriage life future depends on how you deal with and solve the above marriage problems. It is not just a girl problem; it affects boys too. They both have to discuss their issues and solve them through communication.

  • First of all, in-law families should exhibit the same behaviors as they do with their daughters and sons. The newlywed bride also admits that the groom’s parents are the same as her parents.
  • In-law’s family needs to understand her so that it does not create unwanted restrictions and boundaries.
  • Talk with your maternal parents twice a week.
  • Love and take care of the husband. Spend as much time as possible with him.
  • Make a good bond with your in-law’s family members.
  • Change your bad habits to good behavior.
  • Learn the things you can’t do.
  • Don’t get married to a greedy family or someone who demands dowry. Check the groom’s and his family’s records before building any relationship with them.

In the end, these are the common marriage problems that can be handled with mutual understanding and cooperation. Do not worry about these. Just go positively and begin your new life journey. Make everything clear before marriage so that you can save and prepare yourself for further issues.

Please share the after-marriage experience that you have. So the bachelor girls could be aware.

I wish you a happy married life!!!

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