5 Step Process to Achieving Better Skin

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Despite what the adage says, beauty is way more than just skin deep. In contemporary times, people have embraced social media as a means to communicate and relate with others. The web has become an integral part of our being so much that there’s added pressure placed upon individuals to maintain their social status and keep appearances.

While flossing our flawless skin for all and sundry seems like such an important issue, having healthy skin is a much more pertinent issue. Given the fact that the skin is the largest organ in the body, it is responsible for the protection of all our internal organs from external threats like ultraviolet rays, environmental pollutants, and micro-organisms all around us.

In addition to all the aforementioned benefits of having healthy skin, it’s vital to remember that the skin averts the possible danger of dehydration by keeping fluids contained in the body. Since the skin is an essential part of our being, we’ve analyzed a couple of steps one needs to take to ensure that they maintain healthy standards.

1. Consider the Water

Not all water is created equal. Soft water does not effectively remove all the soap sediments well, thus, some residues may remain trapped on the skin. In situations where one has nothing but access to soft water, things like face and body cleansers need to be used sparingly.

On the other hand, while hard water may seem like the obvious solution, in truth it doesn’t allow water to lather easily, thus, one may find themselves using more cleanser. This can result in eventual skin dryness. The best bet is to check out a number of gentle non-soap formulas that don’t lather.

2. Minimize Stress

Researchers at Stanford University found that individuals in environments that place them under duress are more likely to have acne breakouts than those under less pressure. Stress usually leads to the mass production of the cortisol hormone that can lead to skin becoming oilier and hence, reduced ability to fight off acne-causing bacteria.

3. Air Quality

Living in smoke-filled environments can lead to the release of free radicals that can be damaging to the skin and hasten the aging process. Indoor pollutants can also cause the deterioration of the skin. To avert such possible dangers, one needs to regularly change the air filter in furnaces regularly, and using fans around the homestead, especially if one regularly cooks with oil.

Using humidifiers around the home can also help reduce the impact of skin dehydration in dry indoor air environments.

4. Sun Exposure

Whether one spends a majority of their indoors or outdoors, ultraviolet rays can still find their way to where we are. These UV rays can easily penetrate windows at the home or office and lead to the development of wrinkles and brown spots.

5. Beauty Treatment

Some people are naturally beautiful but some have to become. Acne, dark circles, dark spots, shingles, hives, dry or oily skin, sunburn, diaper rash,  and dull skin are the most common skin problems that can be treated. Even you can make changes in your physical body and achieve the desired skin using plastic surgery methods for the various parties of your body. You can consult with soma plastics or your local skin surgeon for it.

Overexposure to the harmful UV rays can result in a myriad of maladies like cancers and periocular hyperpigmentation. Dark eyelids are not really that great to look at, thus, it’s always good practice to ensure that one always wears a good moisturizer with SPF.

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