Physical Properties Of Gold

The Physical Properties Of Gold: What You Should Know

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Physical Properties Of Gold

Gold has been the foundation of wealth since we first roamed this planet and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. We were all taught at school that gold has special properties in science class, but most of us have forgotten such stuff. Gold is quite soft and pure gold is not really suitable for jewelry, which is why 18k or 9k gold is often used.

The Most Malleable Of Metals

Gold holds the title as the most malleable metal of all, which can actually be drawn along at one atom thickness, which is astounding. A single gram of gold can be beaten into a 1m square sheet, while gold leaf can be beaten until almost transparent. This is one of the reasons jewellery makers love working with gold and when you look at some of the antique jewellery pieces, you can admire the fine workmanship.

Heat & Electrical Conductivity

Gold is a great conductor of both heat and electricity, making it popular for some industrial uses. A very dense metal, almost the same density as tungsten, gold is heavy when compared to other metals, which has been a problem in the past when they had to transport a lot of valuable gold.

Low Melting Point

Gold is easily melted down and poured into a mould, which is another special property that makes gold stand out from the other noble metals.

King Of The Noble Metals

Gold is the undisputed king of the noble metals, which include platinum, rhodium and palladium. Gold does not react with oxygen at any temperature, which sets it apart from the other metals in the noble group.

Gold Investment

If you are planning to buy gold for sale in Brisbane or in your location, you may want to check online for any reputable gold dealers near you. Make contact and get as much information as you can before deciding on where to purchase your gold. You would find a trusted dealer wherein you can buy and sell using their secure market platform, plus you can buy gold bullion and take physical possession at their secure offices. Gold is sold in various weights, such as:

  • 1,2,5 and 10oz
  • 10,20 and 50g
  • 100,200and 500g
  • 1kg

When moving gold, it must be packed according to international standards, which protects the soft metal from being damaged.

Medical Benefits

Gold has been known to be good for the body, with the potential to be a cancer-killing element; most cultures have gold being used as a form of medical treatment. The Egyptians were fond of using gold to treat tired bones and joints and in some societies, gold was consumed in small quantities. You can actually buy gold ice cream, which contains real gold!

Where Does Gold Come From?

Gold is one of the heavy elements produced in a supernova, the collision of neutron stars – at least that’s what we think. Gold was probably thrown around the universe, which means it would be present in other heavenly bodies. Who knows, we might end up mining asteroids and planets looking for gold.

It is mainly due to the unique properties that gold was chosen to be the major wealth storage commodity. It has a degree of rareness, which is essential if you are going to base commerce on the value of a metal.

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