Here’s 7 Ways to Combat Vertigo at Home

Combat Vertigo at Home

The lines between vertigo, dizziness, and balance issues are hard to separate. But, nearly 35% of Americans over 40 describe experiencing vertigo. That’s a huge number of people who are dealing with an issue that’s both undertreated and underdiagnosed. Thankfully there are simple remedies to combat the symptoms.

Don’t Let Your Head Spin: Ways to Combat Vertigo

If you prefer home remedies or holistic treatments, vertigo treatment can take many approaches. There are things in your cupboard or your medicine cabinet that can help you deal with vertigo at home. If you have recently had dizziness and balance problems at home, try these 7 methods to fight vertigo at home.

1. Ginkgo

Many online health forums praise ginkgo. They say it fights dizziness. If you suffer from balance problems on a regular basis, ginkgo supplements can help.

Take 60 mg pills once or twice a day for the best results.

2. Almonds

Nuts and fruits offer many extra benefits. They go beyond just nutrition for your health. You could start by just eating a few a day.

Alternatively, you could soak them in water overnight to create a paste. Add that paste to warm milk and drink it nightly.

3. Peroxide

Peroxide is a great home remedy for so many issues. Try soaking a cotton ball with peroxide and lie down on your side. Place the cotton ball in your ear and allow it to do its work to clear your ear canal.

After a few minutes, stand up and you will feel rebalanced and clear.

4. Reflexology

Have you tried acupressure for your dizziness and balance issues? Reflexology has discovered many connections that can lead to your ears.

Pressing your pericardium 6 is said to relieve balance problems. Pressing between the two tendons in your arm can relax your body and restore balance.

5. Get More Sleep

If you can’t seem to shake a bout of dizziness or feel like you are stumbling around your home, try taking a nap. Sleep can help repair the imbalance that’s occurring in your body.

People report their vertigo will disappear upon waking.

6. Try Some Ginger

Very little research connects herbs with vertigo relief. However, several specialists link ginger to relief. Whether you take capsules or chew on a raw piece of it, you can start feeling its effects rapidly.

If you’d prefer another method, adding it to your tea can have a positive effect as well.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

Vertigo can be linked to congestion. One of the many home remedies being used for decades is to take a spoonful of apple cider vinegar. It can clear up your head and allow you to reconfigure your imbalance.

Dizziness and Balance Can Be Treated Easily

There are plenty of home remedies for just about every minor malady and issue. As our bodies age, they become more frequent and we require more daily maintenance. Thankfully issues around vertigo can often be treated without complicated therapy.

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