What Apps Use the Most Mobile Data on Your Smartphone?

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You feel bored without internet connectivity in your smartphone. Most of the mobile phone users have internet data plans among calling plans. You can do and see thousand of things on your phone with an internet connectivity. The access to internet is a fundamental right in the most of the counties in the world.

As smartphone sales have grown around the world, internet data usage is also increased because we started using many applications such as social media, business, payment, gaming, eCommerce, entertainment, communication, educational, utility apps, and more. Almost 90% of apps work on the internet on our smartphones which consume a high volume of mobile data.

There is a different statistic of each country for average data usage per month on a smartphone such as;

Indian Users: 16 GB of 4G mobile data per month

USA: 7 GB of mobile data per month.

Canadian consume less than 5GB of data per month

UK’s people 3GB per month

Singapore internet user consumed about 5.3 GB of mobile data

Australian user consume 7.7GB mobile data

UK: The average person use 3GB of mobile data per month

So there is different mobile data usage by the every county people. Mobile data plans and price also impact the internet usage.

Israellies telecom companies provide cheapest internet plans in the world, priced at $0.05 per GB. Followed by Kyrgyzstan $0.15, Fiji $0.19, Italy $027 and then Sudan $0.27. Some other countries also offers low cost internet plans such as India, Russia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Brazil, Spain, and UK. Some top telecom and internet service providers in the world are AT&T Internet Services, Sparklight, Jio, AirTel, BT, Virgin Media, T&T Board, Telstra, HTC internet, Assist Solutions and more

What Apps Use the Most Mobile Data?

It comes to see that mostly mobile data is used in the counties where people are more free and have cheapest data plans. The people always busy using the following social media and other apps.

  • Youtube
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Netflix
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Web Browsers
  • Storify

Streaming video, audio and video calling either on an app or through the web, consume most of the mobile data.

After that, downloading large files like videos and music, loading heavy images on websites, automatic software or app updates & cloud backups, playing online gaming also responsible for data draining so fast.

How to Save Internet Data Your Device?

  • First of all, Switch-off your mobile data when you don’t need to use it
  • Turn on data saver
  • Turn off auto update for your software and app
  • Turn off auto backup on cloud
  • Restrict App background data usage
  • Turn-off the notification for background apps
  • Limit the usage of steaming apps or reduce the video quality
  • Use Lite version of messengers and other alternative apps
  • Change network setting from 5G to 4G or 3G.

Hope It will provide some assistance to manage your mobile data. What apps consume most of internet data on your android or iPhone?

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