How To Build Your Own Workout Routine Plan?


It is not uncommon to waste hours of training in the gym or at home in vain when you don’t follow a proper workout plan. Having a structured workout routine is one of the best ways to achieve your fitness or weight loss goals. But it is always difficult to make a workout plan and start doing exercise daily. Your body can stay in a good shape and healthy if you just do exercise 3-4 days a week.

It is very easy to create a well-designed workout schedule taking into account parameters such as your goal, level, time, location, equipment, and exercises. But remember:

  • Whether your goal is to build muscle or lose weight, a proper fitness diet is a key to success. Mr. Meals has ideal meal plans to help you achieve your fitness goals while you exercise
  • Always make sure that your protein intake is sufficient to support your muscle development or help you lose weight.

Steps to build your workout plan

  • Check your schedule. How do you spend your time? Be specific and provide as much information as possible.
  • Look for free time. Maybe you have a spare hour between leaving work and meeting up with your friends. Perhaps you can also take a longer lunch break. See what works for you.
  • Be realistic. If you don’t like getting up early, don’t schedule your workout for 5 a.m. Likewise, if you know you’ll be too tired after work to do anything other than lying on the couch, schedule your workouts for earlier in the day.
  • Pick a location. Are you going to go to a gym or do your exercises at home?
  • Explore your options: learn about the various workout styles and try as much as you want until you find what you enjoy most.
  • Start slowly. If you’ve never exercised before, don’t plan on running 2 hours a day right away. Instead, start with 30 minutes of exercise once every 2 days until you build your endurance.
  • Stay hydrated: Drink water. This is all the more important if you are training outdoors, especially in summer.
  • Eat fitness food: In addition to working out, a structured diet program, such as the protein diet can also be effective for weight loss. Mr. Meals has a delicious and varied menu of fresh, ready-to-eat meals designed specially to help you reach your fitness goals.

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